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  1. Bob, Thanks for writing. We had the car totally restored, the switch looks either new, or completely refurbished. It worked perfectly when we first received the car back from the restorer. It is the pop-out style, 2 holes located on the sides of the bezel. I will try removing it as you had described earlier. I will have to check regarding the little hole on the front ( IF IT HAS IT OR NOT ) Thanks again, Tony
  2. Hello, I have a stuck electrolock switch. ( Stuck in the " on " position. It is a pop-out type switch. ( 1933 Chevy ) Does anyone have any idea of my best move? Should I remove switch and try to free? If so, how to I remove that bezel from the front that holds the switch? Can I bypass? and put a regular on off switch? Do they sell replacement aftermarket electrolocks? If so, where? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm new to this, and don't want to screw anything up. Thanks, Tony 1933 Chevy Master Eagle Sedan
  3. Thanks Desoto Frank, Yes, it's an Electrolock.
  4. thanks for the help. I'll try these methods.
  5. Hello Fellow Antique Car Owners. I'm new to this forum and have a question: I am having trouble removing the bezel that holds the ignition key switch in the dash panel of my 1933 Chevy Master Eagle Sedan. I see 2 holes on the side of the bezel, but can't figure out what to use to loosen/remove. I tried a Allen head wrench, but I don't think that is what is in there ( Allen head screw ). The reason I want to remove is the switch is stuck in the on position. ( The switch is of the type where you push and turn the key, it locks cylinder in the in position ( which energizes the system ) and then you start vehicle by pressing the accelerator pedal . Anyone with knowledge and can help would be appreciated. Thanks!