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  1. Replaced my 80 series with a later Dynaflow. Old rear end was fine just too low for my touring. Pick up only. Live in San Ramon, Cal. 925-963-5835
  2. Is anybody making reproduction v-16 cap covers? Anyone have some nice 1932 caps for sale? Johnny
  3. Well, hopefully I am not off topic. I do own a couple of 32 v-16s. I have driven one of them on a number of Classic Car Carvans one of at least 4,000 miles. The 32 is a very different car from the 30/31's which are much more truck like in driving and riding. The 32's and 33's are a pleasure to drive, even long distances or at prolonged freeway speeds. I don't have personal experience with the later cars. A lot of the v-16 engine parts interchange for multiple years. Because the v-8's and v-12's often used the exact same bodies many other parts are also available for these cars. It is this very interchangeability that warrants caution. Many v-16's that began life as a sedan have been converted to open cars with bodies from the lesser cars. Fortunately Cadillac will provide copies of original build sheets on any v-16, allowing us to determine what the car really is, or was. Johnny
  4. Am looking for a new rubber "gasket" for the gas pump. Did you replace yours?
  5. Needed. 1916 48. New gasket for fuel air pump. I thought someone was making these. Appreciate any ideas. Johnny
  6. Desperate. Broken down. Need rear axle for 80 or 90 series 1931. Others may fit. Maybe even Pierce. About 32 inches long. Original part number is 159143 925-963-5835 Johnny
  7. Need help in how to set up points on Speedway, which has single coil, two points and rotor with one one hot contact point (versus the standard President with two coils, two sets of points and a double pointed rotor). Thanks Johnny
  8. Yes, Agreed. I have seen some photos that appear to be factory showing some Springfield Ghosts with a fairly narrow single bar bumper, front and back. Most though, seemed to have the tubular bumpers. From my clamps, I surmise that I am looking for a set of the flat single bar type.
  9. I saw someone asked for photos. Pulled my old 1916 (built May 1915) out of the warehouse and dusted it off for a short tour. I have a postcard with this same paint on the car in the 1950's so who knows how old it is. Interior is new and pretty accurate. Grandkids are being immersed in the old cars....... Johnny
  10. I appreciate everyone's help. I have other cars, but this is my first Rolls. It is going to take some work and I am a little intimidated....
  11. Thanks. Did join the RROC. I noticed factory? photos in the "American Rolls Royce" that showed a few with flat single bar bumpers. Any help for good west coast engine guys, should I find the need to have some work done?
  12. I think those are two bar which appeared on the P 1. I believe some of the late ghosts used a pretty narrow single bar.
  13. From the looks of the brackets, it appears to have had single bar flat bumpers as some later cars appeared to have.
  14. Ok I bought one. So I need advice. 1925 Springfield Silver Ghost. Original Picadilly Roadster. Sitting for 25 years. Original upholstery and original top. Poor repaint many years ago. Nice body and wood. Cruddy underneath. Have just restarted, using my fuel source. What do I need to watch for? Who on west coast can help. Am at that buyers remorse stage, but I will probably get over it. Oh yes, I need correct bumpers, probably the single bar flat ones. Johnny
  15. Am seriously looking for a SG 23-25 roadster with original body. Would love a Springfield. Might be open to a P1. Looking for a very nice driver. Will reward a successful lead. Any ideas? Johnny 925-963-5835 And I was aware of the Fred Guyton car.
  16. Looking for plastic inserts for interior door handles, large series 1940 Buick. Does anyone repro Buick interior plastic? Thanks for your help. Johnny
  17. Am looking for either, but prefer post 15. Thanks for asking.
  18. Am looking for a reference for an individual or a shop in California who can install new (Richardson) front drive units. I have the units. Cord is a 37 phaeton. Thank you for your help. Johnny 925-963-5835
  19. Thanks everyone. Car headed to new home. Johnny
  20. Thanks everyone. Headed to a new home...... Johnny
  21. Only had home about 15 days. Was stored for 46 years with a 34 Cad v-16. Good building, dry mild climate. Will need some metal work and wood work in lower quarters where water probably sat when top down. Balance of wood seems very solid. Just freed up transmission which was stuck with oil. Next will start to make sure engine ok to turn over. Will not try and run until pull pan and make sure oil lines clear. Engine all together and even has dual carb air cleaner. Car has dual mounts/covers/radio and trunk rack. Top is tattered but I put up and all parts there and working. The body numbers is for a v-12 roadster and the chassis and engine numbers are correct. Paid more than asking, but at least did not go to hot rod shop out front. Have 1940 California title from original owner. Own a Cad 16 and a Packard 12 plus other cars so hope this finds new owner who appreciates how rare it is. Originally was a very expensive and special car.
  22. 1935 Pierce Arrow V-12 Convertible Roadster. Needs full restoration. Just removed from 46 years of storage in a warehouse in a dry mild climate. Numbers match, not usual 8 conversion. Pretty rare. Very expensive when new. Reasonably complete. Am losing money on this. Price is firm at $100k. Johnny 925-963-5835 Car located in San Ramon, Calif.