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  1. Don't know if you are still looking but I stumbled on your post and I have a 1958 Meteor Shop Manual and I would consider selling it reasonably, and I would say it's good to excellent as for the condition and is original, not a reprint.
  2. Don't know if you are still looking but I stumbled on your post and I have a 1958 Meteor Shop Manual and I would consider selling it reasonably, and I would say it's good to excellent as for the condition and is original, not a reprint.
  3. When I sent you that reply Mar 15th. I had just spoke to him personally on the phone and He had Three different sets of various quality, and only one set had the original mouldings and most of the clips!!!
  4. You got to get in touch with fenderskirt king like I said when I posted March 15th., 2012!!!! Now you're not getting cheap if that's what you're thinking
  5. I have a friend with a '64 Conv. and it has factory crank windows, I'm not sure about the seat as I haven't seen the seats in a long while....
  6. If you want the correct info for your install go to and you should get all your answers and maybe some other solutions to your application!!
  7. I've got two '63 Hoods but they are in Canada. One is dented front left corner but is a strong hood. Very costly to ship!! Go to as he has some mid '60's FullSize Oldsmobiles, I just can't remember what years. Everything there is being parted out but he'll sell complete cars too.....
  8. Now this is something that I don't often see and that is someone selling Steering (suspension) Parts that are already tested by the Owner.... but they are used!! :confused:
  9. What you have been saying is very informative and it gives insight to others in the future, as I myself have not come across your problems yet as I'm still try to assemble a '62 Starfire Conv. that was a basket case when purchased.
  10. The trunk (and the carpeting back there), as I said, is 100% original – except for the tossed spare and jack. Cheers. Just curious, but does your Trunk Floor Well have the loop and the threaded "J" hook that secures the spare to the Trunk Well still in place as you have mentioned several times the car came without a Spare or Jack?
  11. The Tapers of a TRW part won't inter change with the Saginaw, and you will notice your steering parts won't be mixed together with other manufacturers. If you have Saginaw Parts the Rubber Boots on your Balljoints will have a small spring around the bottom of the Boot to secure it to the Joint and not allowing any dirt to get inside. Hope this helps.....
  12. When you ask anyone who might respond to your question be sure you can tell whether yours is a Saginaw, or a TRW (Thompson). they have two different types of fitment and won't interchange.
  13. Being the lover of '62 Starfire's that you are I know you would just love what's gone into building that Wgn. Great amount of effort to incorporate all of the Starfire's concept....:cool:
  14. I had a friend restore a Super "88" Fiesta, with Air, windows, seats, power tailgate window, 9 passenger, cruise, and power antennae, and made it into a Resto Starfire, with buckets, console, and made up all the aluminum and Stainless trim kept it for a short while and sold it for about $42,000.00. I heard lately it's been purchased by someone in Kansas. Great lookin' Wgn. Steve Westlake wasn't there to assist him with it either!!! :cool:
  15. It seems that if I ever see one of these Wagons they are almost always White. What's with the White was that the most popular color? The one in the thumbnails sure is a Beauty!!! :)
  16. Sure sounds like worn bushings in each end of the Starter creating a drag when warmed up.
  17. Hi frankrj123; If you noticed this posting is about Seven years old if you noticed the Date in the upper left corner, but to help with your question a '63 column will not install in a '62 Full Size Car. Hope this helps you.
  18. Go to and download their Catalogue for the year and Model of Olds you have. :)
  19. I don't know why you guys keep posting for this guy to respond when he hasn't responded in over FOUR YEARS !! on this thread.....
  20. I have mentioned earlier to look up this guy in Ontario Canada, but I guess you didn't find him, so his business is found under the and he has several sets of steel Cruiser skirts for your Merc. with the Chrome used $750.00. He has several Cruisers without Chrome but you can be the judge. You wanted these skirts and I now have told you where they are and of course they won't be cheap but you must have known that so you can e-mail him from his Web Page or call him, his phone number is there as well. Go get them partn'r ;)
  21. Now I want this clearly understood, I personally have no time for this Guy I'm going to suggest to get in touch with, but his Handle here and on Classic Olds is Shovel 55 and he has been trying to part a '62 Starfire Htp., so why don't you try and contact him to see if he could help in some way. Best of luck and tread lightly......:eek: :eek:
  22. They are made from spring steel and are not all shaped the same as each other because after being attached to the Card Boards, they get clipped onto different metal parts of the Trunk such as the Trunk hinge assembly. I know of a '64 Starfire Conv. in a Bone Yard Near me but it's really 60,- 70 miles away and the yard is just full of Snow right now. Best of luck for now but I know you are probably very eager to get this all done and behind you.
  23. I don't think you are correct on most of what you've said, sounds sooo confusing as from 1950 and newer there wasn't any six cylinders used until the mid sixties in the Cutlas lineup..... :confused:
  24. Oh!! I now understand, and I was thinking that's what you were trying to clarify before the misunderstandings STARTED.....:eek: