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  1. This is wonderful information, and will certainly add to the history that we already have for the car. Much appreciated! I can say that this car is just about a class 1 as far as condition goes. Recent body-off rotisserie nut and bolt restoration, there's not a part on it that's not new or refurbished, and the body is straight as an arrow. Also it doesn't hurt that the car is now owned by the son of the original owner, who is consigning the car with us, so even more history to the car there. I'll throw a link in here to photos once we get it up on the website. Thanks again guys!
  2. Wow, well that explains everything! Didn't think there would be an actual printed part on the tag, but that makes perfect sense. Thanks for the info Todd!
  3. I know Corvettes, but am new to Thunderbirds, and this data tag has me stumped. Problem is, I don't see any data tags online that look like it. I can figure out a few things from it: D7FH168067=VIN XH=Pleated Flame Vinyl VE=Flame Red exterior w/Colonial White hdtp However, the '40' and the '15M240139P' remain a mystery as I can't find anything online with even similar codes for a Thunderbird. Is this a bogus trim tag? Any help would be appreciated!
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