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  1. I don't know if this question has been discussed before but I would like to ask if anyone has ever gone down the route of replacing the white metal big end and main bearings with modern insert type shells?, my 1931 6 cylinder is starting to sound a bit worn and apart from the cost, to find someone able to do a good metal job is a concern, so it crossed my mind to do a once and for all job of converting to shell type bearings, this would also make any future replacement straight forward, I have the luxury of owning a spare crankshaft and set of rods from a parts engine which is beyond full repa
  2. Hi willywilly, I have a similar pick up and was wodering if you could help me with a picture of the front brake shoe return tension spring as I have two, one on each wheel, but they are both different shapes and sizes so your truck may shed some light on which one I need to replace. My e-mail is: norman.hoggard@talktalk.net If you have a landline telephone number you would be willing to let me have, and your time zone /location so I could call you from England as I would like also to ask you about a couple of dimensions for the square mounting boxes and their location on the side of the pick
  3. Hello to all you guys who have been contacting me for 1930's spares, it's great to hear from you, but I need to let you know that I can't help you, I think you are mixing me up with Jim Conran it is him who has the spares for sale, not me, unfortunately, as these seem to be getting rarer and rarer, I only have a complete '31 Olds Patrician. I would always be willing to trade info and stories about these wonderful and often under-estimated old cars, seems everyone wants a Ford, nice though they may be they were only ever a mass produced utilitarian vehicle, as such I don't know that they des
  4. Hello Will, Do you have any original shop manuals or other literature for 1931 Oldsmobile 4 door sedans. I live in England , would you be willing to post, obviously I would pay for postage, if you have any items?, many thanks, Norman. My e-mail : norman.hoggard@talktalk.net
  5. Hi there, no I'm afraid I cant help you , in fact I have a feeling that mine is on the way out so I could be in the same queue as yourself, I wishb you good hunting, norman
  6. Hi Jim, Can you tell me a good time to call, I tried earlier but got an answer message, sounded like a business number, I live in England and would be very interested in 1931 hub caps and spare tyre mount, I have a '31 4door sedan that is very original but short of a couple of items, do you have a rear lens for stop and tail light ?, it is round 4 inch diameter red glass with vertical flutes on outside and circular pattern on inside and has a screw hole on each side set horizontaly across centre height of lens, ( a clear lens would be acceptable as originaly my light should be an optional ext
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