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  1. :(Truck starts great, idels fine when cold with very little or no choke good rpm, but when fully warmed up rpm rises, when driving it has good accerlation no problems until you come to stop and put the clutch in, it wants to stall or rpm drops off fast, by the time you put it in first to take off rpm is back up. also when ideling hot high rpm, slightly touch the lower linkage at throttle bottom plate the rpm drops and wants to stall again. Some say the lower throttle plate shaft is worn or warped. getting it rebuilt next week any other issues I should tell the shop that is rebuilding? Also no numbers on the carb, just the ford logo on the float housing, is this an Holly carb? Thanks guys:(
  2. Just got very nice rear bumper from Rick Hoover. Now I still need rear brackets:rolleyes:
  3. Recently replaced the entire brake system on newly purchased 48 Ford F1. now when I checked out the brake lights, they work okay with no other lights on but when I turn on the park lights and hit the brakes the one tail light goes out the other is okay, where do I start to check the wiring, Electrical is not my cup of Tea so to speak. Also turn signals work fine rear lights were replaced and new bulbs where installed. Thanks ahead of time
  4. I redid the entire starting circuit on my 48 F1 Ford PU that is 6 volt, but negative ground, before the rebuid of the starting system it cranked very slow, not it turns twice as fast. I bought a 6 and 12 volt charger and starter from Sears with 3 year warranty, so far so good it works.
  5. Frank: Thanks for confirming what I thought, yes the truck is 6 volt, negative ground. many thanks Mike:)
  6. I an replacing the coil, voltage regulator and solenoid on my 48 ford f1 with 6 volt neg. ground The new coil posts are labeled (+) and (-) my old coil posts are marked batt and dist. Okay what post do I use for batt? positive or negative of the new coil? Thanks Mike:)