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  1. Thanks for the info.I'll just have to keep looking for a tilt steering to fit my 1962 88 olds.I know it was an option offered that year.Thanks again for taking the time to answer .Frankrj123
  2. Do still have 1963 0lds tilt steering column and would it fit a 1962 olds full size
  3. Did you ever get a chance to dig out power antenna switch for 1962 olds starfire or is it sold Thanks Frank
  4. looking for power antenna switch for 62 olds full size would app. reply yes or no thanks frank
  5. power antenna switch
  6. I think I may have unsubscribed by mistake.Am still interested in 1962 olds antenna switch thanks Frank
  7. Rx'd reply will wait for info Thanks Frank
  8. would like price on item 066 & 067 antenna light switch
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