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  1. Hurry, while the spot is still available below this post for that picture of Linda Vaughn, Miss Hurst !! 🤗
  2. My Gran Turismo Omologato suggested to me that the true meaning of the 3 letter abbreviation - GTO: means Go To Olds ... So I made the switch !!
  3. The early 70’s - big hair and big wings !! 1972 Indy 500 winner, Mark Donahue.
  4. Look up Ray Nichels for an interesting read. Ray was involved with Indy cars and NASCAR. He worked with Pontiac’s ‘Bunkie’ Knudson, then became MOPAR’s man to roll out the 426 Race Hemi in 1964 when GM pulled out of racing. Drivers for Nichels were from A to Z, included AJ Foyt and Paul Goldsmith (pictures 1 & 3 - Pat O’Conner - last picture).
  5. Lotus Type 38. Game changer at the ‘Brickyard’, 55 years ago ...
  6. This is the ‘lunch box’ as it became known aboard Apollo 13. It was made from an array of items not related to the carbon dioxide scrubber it ended up being. The crew and the support staff at Mission Control came up with this and other solutions that brought our 3 Astronauts back after an fuel cell explosion in the command service module that could have very well been their end without a bevy of quick thinking. America - where ‘failure is not an option’. 🇺🇸
  7. NASCAR’s restrictor plate program is to racing as the WWE is to wrestling ... 🥺
  8. Uncle Buck chose to take French as an elective while a junior in HS, mostly because my hoodlum friends said all the ‘hot chicks’ take French. Well those ‘hot chicks’ didn’t materialize, at least not in my class ... So what to do? It seems that the French text book was the perfect size to effectively insert/disguise Cycle magazine. So with no ‘hot chicks’ to lust after, I diverted all that lust to all things British motorcycles through the pages of my text book, er, Cycle magazine insert. After all, as the owner of a Honda Super 90, I must plan for my next bike (ha-ha). The Triumph Bonneville, BSA Lightning and the bad-boy of the bunch, the Norton Commando garnered most of my attention. Oh how I loved/lusted after that Norton !! 50 some years later, I can still speak fluent Norton. French, not so much ...
  9. LED tube lighting retrofit: Arm yourself with knowledge here to avoid a costly mistake. There are 3 types LED tubes, A, B and C. Type B does not need a ballast, therefore even more energy savings. They do require a simple wiring change, however. I did my entire home/garages and am totally pleased with the results and energy savings. Also, type B bulbs are harder to find - not usually at big box stores. I got mine through Amazon. Good luck with your new swell setup !!
  10. I’ll share two of my fathers sayings on age: ‘You’re as old as you feel’ & ‘age is just a number’. He played decent golf daily well into his 90’s. Now as age creeps up on me, I find myself saying the same things my father said ... 🥴
  11. When my wife runs across pictures of me like this, she says I should get in shape. I tell her I’m already in shape - round is a shape ...
  12. After several hood-to-head incidents, usually involving blood - my blood, l keep at the ready a ‘cushion’ or ‘bumper’ for next time we come together. The following model year (1971), Oldsmobile saw fit to move the ‘dragon tooth’ from the hood to a stationary position on the body ...