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  1. I’ll share two of my fathers sayings on age: ‘You’re as old as you feel’ & ‘age is just a number’. He played decent golf daily well into his 90’s. Now as age creeps up on me, I find myself saying the same things my father said ... 🥴
  2. When my wife runs across pictures of me like this, she says I should get in shape. I tell her I’m already in shape - round is a shape ...
  3. After several hood-to-head incidents, usually involving blood - my blood, l keep at the ready a ‘cushion’ or ‘bumper’ for next time we come together. The following model year (1971), Oldsmobile saw fit to move the ‘dragon tooth’ from the hood to a stationary position on the body ...
  4. Buy high, sell low then make the rest up in volume. There, I have just made sense out of this topic - all 16 pages ...
  5. Nice, nice 2R5, from the year of my birth ... !! Remember the words of Ricky Nelson’s hit, ‘Garden Party’ : “But it's all right now, I learned my lesson well.You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself”
  6. A fitting tribute to one D-Day hero. Please watch:
  7. Jim Clark, Colin Chapman and the lads with the Lotus- Ford 1965 Indy winner.
  8. Was at Indy for the swan song of the roadster and witnessed both of these cars ripping around the speedway making unique, unforgettable sounds and memories. The 1964 and 1967 AJ Foyt driven Indy winners were on display at the Gilmore Museum, July 2018.
  9. Flood Floetrol, also available at Lowes, is a paint additive that does what the name implies - makes it flow, eliminating brush/roller marks. I believe it is available for both oil and latex paints. I use this product whenever I paint around the house - makes your work professional looking. Great on doors where brush strokes stick out like a sore thumb. I must confess that I never used it on an auto part, but one would think it would give the same swell results.
  10. Franks Diner, Kenosha, WI B&W picture circa 1926 - color picture 2019. Come hungry for breakfast and be sure and order the ‘Garbage Plate’.
  11. Townsend was the closest Pontiac dealer to me when in my high school years (class of ‘67). Oh how we drooled over those big-inch Poncho’s in that very showroom. Tri-Power, Wide-Track, 8 lug wheels, Catalina 2+2, Bonneville, Grand Prix, GTO. Bring ‘em all back !!
  12. What could go wrong ? A Packard dealer right smack in the middle of downtown Hammond, IN. Oops ...
  13. Mr. Norm’s Grand Spaulding Dodge in Chicago. Back in the day it was the high ground for MOPAR street & strip performance. Today, not so much ...