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  1. I think you should be happy with it haha. My '34 K32 has 5.6 rear gear. Havent driven it, since parts are coming off right now instead of going on but cannot wait to jump out in traffic and watch all you 4.11 guys run circles around me If I can find my interchange book, wherever it is(panic packed) I will try to look up your axle. It might be in there. Yes the DB stuff goes in box along with car titles. ps: Anyone back east willing to fedex some water to oklahoma? We are literally burning up right now. Maybe a flat rate box with liner? Would help us both out. First year I ever looked forward
  2. The larger DB trucks had split seats in them. The 1/2 tons (commercials) were the ones with bench seats. Mine had been replaced so I am going back to the splits and dont think the bench is old enough to accurately go in yours but will check it out.
  3. My '34 has been in storage while bldg a shop. Going down this week to look at the column because I have inherited some old duece and a half horn button kits thru military surplus. They have the old brass springs and plates. Maybe the guts are close enough to modify. It would be internal and out of sight at least. If so will post and see about dispersing them to needy DB families I know the hood hold downs on our dueces look almost identical to old stuff and the lug nuts are same as my 1 1/2 ton. Seems ironic that the toughest truck I have ever driven in the service has so many "vintage" styl
  4. I got these so I could get the right bumper on my truck. They are all for '34 and no clue if same as 1/2 ton (KCL will know). Im not sure if any help since don't think they are similar to car bumpers but here they are anyway. I just get a kick out of reading the ads haha. Wish I could take a few grand back to those days. New truck with a bed full of DB parts
  5. I have to admit my blood pressure is up now, from laughing This reminds me of my high school days sittin at the speed shop bench racing and the "no my ford is better than your dodge, well my chevy is faster than your ford,but my parts are cheaper, but I make more horsepower, no my big block does, but my mouse motor winds faster, no my wedge breathes better", hahahahahaha. I have a '35 DB that I am dead set on keeping as close to 100% factory as humanly possible . I have a best friend with a '37 Ford pickup I helped him hot rod. I dont like the "ratrod" term but some of the ideas are cool. The
  6. No kidding. I can understand replacement for safety on these but killin a nice one sux. Watchin car auction on tube and '34 KC rolls out all original and narrator says" All of these have been hotrodded, I've never seen one original before". Just makes me want to keep mine that way even more.
  7. If they are the bendable type they will have a brass tube core and will take some pressure to bend. Just work your way up on the torque. Not sure how long they are and would prob have to have them out of the rim to do it but laying it in a small pulley like an alternator etc should keep it from kinking or collapsing the tube. But.... its always a gamble. At least if you ruin it you can buy one that will work right
  8. Awesome another trucker on here:) Vintage auto parts has a few ring/pinion sets lists for $230 Just have to look at axle then check it out on web. LC was the later KC right? 3.90/4.10 is what they got. Still holler down the highway but might be better than orig. No clue what ratio came in '37. I have to open my pics with paint after getting from phone/camera onto pc. Then resize to 50% and save and they fit on here perfect.
  9. There is a slim chance that the lube forced in between the worm and traverse gears causing extra clearance temporarily between the two . If it was the case after several miles it would tighten up but... very doubtful. My best guess is that you had a "sludge bushing" caused by the old lube caked around the shaft and holding it fairly steady. The new lube dissolves the sludge which is equivalent to boring it out, hence loosey goosey. I totally agree with joe, adjust but be ready for a new worm assy. as I belive it is made to wear out before the housing and traverse.
  10. After all the horror stories Im getting scared of my fan. No cracks yet but geez Im thinkin bout gettin some 2026 or titanium alloy from the hanger and making a new one. Then powdercoat it black
  11. You are absolutely right sir. may I think '35 is when the did away with suicides on the trucks. What a horrible decision in my opinion. My father recently handed down his old "work car" to me and I love it-even though its a (shhhh-Ford) because of the suicide back doors. 1964 Continental Black w/ white leather, looks like pawn stars car. It will remain on back burner till my dodges are done though, along with my high school hotrod and my other harley. Yes I got the '56 Royal. My wife is still hollering at me
  12. That really stinks dude. I really like the car though and glad you found the ser#. Makes you wonder who's house they ended up at. Or who spilled coffee on their desk and ruined them many years ago.
  13. Just got my build sheet today from the museum. My truck was built in march of 1934. It is titled as a 1935. Wouldnt I be right in taking the build sheet to tag office and getting title changed. Got mail too late to call them and its gonna drive me crazy all weekend. The engine is verified as original. The info KCL told me to correctly mark the aluminum body tag is there. I feel like I just bought it again today. Happy happy happy.
  14. The only info I have is a check chart from '35 for my ton and a half. Says system holds 6qts.or 6 lbs. 4spd truck tranny shouldnt have changed that much - or did it?
  15. I dont like doing this to my prez but you have brought up something I have not only dealt with but taught classes to new mechanics about on the military side of the house. The US Armed Forces made a mandatory rollover to silicone based BF long years ago. The reason was silicone BF does not draw moisture like the glycol based 3 and 4. A system filled with dot 3 and NO leaks will still manage to collect miniscule amounts of moisture during use. Additives in the BF help but it is recommended to change glycol based fluid every 2-3 years. Silicone is usually good until system breakage. The sludging
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