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  1. Passenger mirror has 2 of 3 "dogears" that screws go thru to mount the mirror/motor to the housing are snapped. Previous repair (plastic weld I think was the product) did not hold up. Can anyone recommend a repair process (I have the snapped off parts), someone who does repairs or if any assemblies (part or entire mirror) for sale? Chris '90 Red (one owner)
  2. The dash light dimmer lever was snapped off over time on the Headlamp Switch Assembly. Since I may be taking the Dash apart (again - separate thread on jammed cassette), I may replace the otherwise working switch. Does anyone have any for sale or rebuild them? Chris '90 Red (one owner)
  3. Any easy fix for a Jammed cassette (won't eject)? I took the radio out but couldn't find any mechanical release/override. I see the posts recommending United Radio for radio refurbishment. If they are best choice, I will call them for estimate. Chris '90 Red (one owner)
  4. FelixK - How much are you asking for the entire car? Chris P.S. I also am the original owner of a Red/Tan 90 which could use some TLC (130K miles in MI weather).