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  1. Earlier this evening my Climate Sensor Fault message came on... every 3-4 seconds, over and over during the seven mile drive home. It would chime on, turn off, then chime on again. Needless to say, very annoying. I've done a search on this forum for possible reasons, but my circumstance seems different from all the rest posted in that my air conditioning works just fine. Mind you, I couldn't tell you with any certainty whether it gets any cooler/warmer according to the auto temp feature of the climate control system - my heater does not work. All I can say is that my A/C works, and this is
  2. The screen becomes blurred horizontally, starting from the bottom and working itself about half way up the screen. Its done this since the first day that I have owned the car - about a year now. What I found interesting is that a few weeks ago, without provocation, the screen became perfectly still; no blur, no problems. This lasted about an hour, or the duration of that particular drive. The next time I drove the car, the screen blurred per its norm. However, since that first time, the screen has periodically become perfect - maybe half a dozen more times. I simply found this is be odd a
  3. For the better part of a year my CRT screen becomes fuzzy after about 5 minutes of driving. All of a sudden, the screen has stayed sharp intermittently. Started about two weeks ago. I can go an entire trip with the CRT screen just fine, and then next time I start my car, it gets fuzzy again. Very weird.
  4. Dave, Thank you. Yes, the 1988 is very different from the 1990 that I owned. The whole CRT computer thing is interesting to get used to. I did indeed select the "hard" buttons. The one that allows you to do a system diagnostic - I think its the lower middle one - returns with everything wrong. I have not actually tried to pull the codes, so I will take your advice and do that when I get a chance. However, I did unhook the battery in an effort to "reset" everything and start from scratch, but the computer screen diagnostics still says everything is wrong. I know the diagnostic is reporting fal
  5. Hello all. Long time lurker, but my first post. I have a 1988 Reatta. Just purchased it about a month ago. Used to own a 1990 a number of years ago, but got rid of it due to an anti-lock brake issue that was more expensive than I cared to invest. Loved the car though, so when my previous car died unexpectedly, I didn't hesitate to get a new Reatta. The car is high miles, but it excellent mechanical and physical condition. The only two things wrong with the car is the CRT and an annoying rattle (or bumping) at passenger front when going over bumps. I imagine the later is a bushings issue, and
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