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  1. Bill, I am really glad you enjoy the maps through time that show the existing factories in black and the new buildings that year in red. I really enjoyed going through the stacks of factory blueprints, even though it took more than two years. Many of the original ink-on-linen drawings looked virtually brand-new. It was amazing to think that many of them had been on the site in Flint for nearly 100 years. It was always exciting to see the drawings and then go out and identify the buildings themselves... and sometimes to wonder what still existed underground, including access tunnels, utility tunnels, and pipes. It was quite laborious to document the buildings, but was an experience I am glad was done to preserve and share this history. I am really glad you enjoy the book! Don
  2. If anyone else has additional feedback on the book, I would love to hear it... there are literally hundreds of photos in this book - many published for the first time in this book, and I am curious if anyone thinks that there are too many photos, or if they tell the story appropriately.
  3. Greg, I am glad that you enjoy the book. I still find the photos of the factories amazing. The 100+ years of history at that site is inspiring to any Buick enthusiast.
  4. I have several copies left of "A Place Called Buick - Second Edition" - about the factories in Flint that produced Buicks and Buick parts for over 100 years. The book is full color, hardcover, over 230 pages, with hundreds of photos... $35 plus $3 shipping. Multiple Copy Discount is available - please email with inquiries. This book will make a great Christmas gift for Buick enthusiasts. Purchase directly from the author: Don Bent BCA #39542 1363 Campbell Street Neenah, WI 54956 thebents33@aol.com
  5. For those interested in the factories behind the cars, the Second Edition of "A Place Called Buick" about the Buick factories in Flint, Michigan, is now available. This book is a history of the factory site that built Buicks and Buick components for over a century. The site is scheduled to close completely in 2010. The book can be reviewed and purchased at www.buickbook.com The price is $45 plus $3 shipping in the U.S. International shipping is available.
  6. You can now check the book out on the web at www.buickbook.com
  7. The least expensive option that I have found to ship to Austrailia is $21.13 through the US Postal Service. This would be a total of $66.13 US Dollars. I thought that I found a less expensive option, but the book will not fit in a smaller envelope. (The book is is about 11.5" x 9", and reasonably thick - weighs in at about 2-1/2 lbs). I am willing to look at less expensive options if anyone has recommendations. If you prefer, I can ship to your U.S. Address. Thank you, Don Bent
  8. I cannot accept credit card at this time, but do accept PayPal, if you are familiar with that. We also accept check and money order in U.S. Dollars. If your location is correct in Poland, shipping would be $21.88 USD, for a total of $66.88 USD.
  9. We will accept check, money order, and PayPal to thebents33@aol.com Sorry, but I cannot take credit card at ths time (other than through PayPal). Thank you Don Bent BCA #39542
  10. Total cost is $45, plus $3 shipping for the first book. All additional books have free shipping.
  11. In 2003, I set out on a mission to document the history of the Buick site in Flint, Michigan - from its' origins in 1900 through modern day. As a GM employee at "The Buick", I had unique access to the records of the site. After a great deal of research, and with help from other historians and numerous other employees, the two years of work was finally pulled into a complete book. The result was the book "A Place Called Buick". The original book went to print in 2005, and the initial large printing sold-out quickly. In fact, the hardcover version sold-out almost immediately. After the initial book went to print, I continued to receive a great deal of information from fellow Buick enthusiasts, and for the last few years, since the original sol-out, I continued to get requests for copies of the book. To continue to document and share the history of the great Flint site, I have carefully put together this LIMITED PRINTING, SECOND EDITION. This edition has been expanded to 238 pages (over 60 pages more than the first edition), and is only available in hardcover. This book looks at additional information for World War I, Site Centennial information, updates from the last five years, a closer look at the plants that were built before "The Buick", and additional quotes from employees. I am also pleased to include a summary of all site plans (maps) at the end of the book. There are many more photos, larger photos, and clarified information. With a very low print quantity, color photos throughout, and more pages in each book, I searched to find a high-quality printer who could offer a price on full-color hardcover books that could keep the selling price reasonable. I am pleased to be able to offer this expanded book for only $45 - which is only a few dollars more than the original hardcover version, but also includes 60 more, and is a Limited Printing. At this time, this book can only be purchased directly from the author. Shipping will be $3 in the U.S. We accept check, money order, and PayPal. There has been a great deal of work that has gone into both editions of this book, and although it has been rewarding, I have no plans to do another printing or edition. Many, many people were not able to get a copy of the original book, so when this printing runs out, there will be no more. When ordering, please let me know if you would like the book personally signed before sending out. If no direction is sent to sign the book, it will be sent unsigned. Please feel free to email with any questions, or for photos of the book. Thank you for your interest in that great manufacturing site known as A Place Called Buick. Don Bent BCA #39542 thebents33@aol.com If you purchase more than one copy, all additional purchased on that order will have free shipping in the U.S. International buyers, please email for shipping costs.
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