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  1. Thanks, looking down at the heat a/c cluster two lines go in on the left side just above the fan speed switch, and on the right are two black rectangular pieces that have plastic tubes sticking out. I keep reading they are color coded, so just need to see the proper placement. Is this information in the 67 service manual or another source, need to get one of these books right away. Thanks again, owe you a beer or three...John
  2. I diconnected my heat a/c vacuum lines on my 67 Rivi to access the control unit to install a new cable, put everything back and now only blows cold air, tried a few variations to line length, still cold, stumped, and frozen, usually drive it every other day,also have a 65 Rivi and a service manual, no 67 manual yet, looking to buy one if anyone has a spare, none on ebay at this time. Really need a diagram of the vacuum lines if any one has a manual that can post a picture, most appreciated...Great site, Thanks...John ROA #12551...!
  3. Hello all , A few months ago Doug from the Buick Farm in Claymont De. had a posi in a 65 that he was parting out. Might be worth a call. John
  4. Hello 40...I will take the shield. How do we set this up. thanks for the dynamat info...
  5. Hello, looking for a windshield, 65 Riv, also where to buy the sound shield, not sure what it is called, for under the seats, sort of a thicker insulating type material...tanks...John
  6. Hello John, do you still have the Riv windshield available...thanks, John
  7. Hello, looking for 1/4 panels and chrome for the right rear wheel well...thanks...John
  8. Hello John, would you still have rear 1/4's for the 65 Rivi, and any chrome from the left rear wheel well ...Thanks, John in Pa.