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  1. I have a 1923 Maxwell 5 Passenger Touring Car, Excellent original condition. Arizona car, Located in NJ I can send pictures. jvervoort@gmail.com
  2. Hi, I recently became the proud owner of a 1923 Maxwell Model 25, 5 Passenger Touring Car. Not my first old car, but certainly my first Maxwell. It's in bad need of tires, so I want to replace with period correct items. It has disc wheels and looks like 31 x 4 clinchers tires are needed. It has whitewalls, but I think blackwalls are proper for judging purposes. What type of valve stems did it have original brass or nickle> Appreciate the help and advice. -John
  3. I spoke to Ron this morning, thanks again Dave
  4. Thanks for the assist Dave. Mail sent.
  5. I am signed up for Judging school and Judging this next week at Hershey. I badly ruptured my hamstring earlier in the week and simply cannot go this year. How do I contact the powers that be? I need to inform them that I cannot make my previous commitment for school and as a judge. I look forward to this every year and am really disappointed. Appreciate any direction. -John
  6. I live in NJ and plan to drive down Saturday morning, attending Judging school and a couple of CJEs if possible, returning home that afternoon. Do I need to register? Is there a fee? I cant seem to find anything on the website... Thanks
  7. How do I apply for a flea market spot for 2012 Hershey? Hopefully in a good area of the fields... Thanks. -John
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