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  1. Hello, I'm trying to find the 3-Prong "Closing" Relay for the Clamshells - have a new 4 prong one. I also have a new Horn Relay which is 3-Prongs but they wouldn't line up to the harness plug for the 3 wire Clamshell relay... Does anyone know of a source and/or part # for the 3-Prong Clam Relay? Or, (if the Horn relay with 3 prongs could be used instead)-Can anyone describe how I might connect the correct harness wires/colors to the correct prongs on it? (aside from getting 3 extensions & wire connectors or removing plastic harness plug..) I'm not very familiar w/ how relays technially work but got some good tips on how these relays/Clamshells function from reading all the related ROA Forum threads... Also, I'm looking to replace the little condensor pluged into the (new) Voltage Regulator. It looks like it had been on the old VR for 47 years. Any part number/source would be great. Is this condensor the same (swapable) with the condensor attached to the coil? -Oh, should the coil condensor be connected to the Positive or Negative side of coil? Thanks in advance. -Erik ROA member # 12873 '65 401 (rebuilt .030 over) Black/Black Deluxe w/ AC & Posi
  2. Great help Don, good to hear I had the right plan. I do have A/C & a shroud I need to repair. Thank you very much. I'll get some of that Permatex... Need to flush rusty coolant/water out of engine again after I pull the water pump off. Will be looking for the block drain bolts tomorrow, and get some stainless bolts to replace the 4 corroded water neck/dogbone bolts... etc., etc., Enjoy all of your great Buicks! Cheers, -Erik
  3. Thank you very much "alini" this helps, I'll just get some black silicone RTV Gasket maker to use & tackle all that stuff (& more) soon. Take care, -Erik
  4. Hmmm, 72 Views and no tips yet...? Come-on fellow friendly "Riv-ers", I know some of you have experience with these projects - any help would be very appreciated. -I need some encouraging helpful info to gain more confidence with these projects. Thanks to any & all. -Erik ROA member # 12873
  5. Hello all,<o:p></o:p> I’m in the middle of severalprojects on my Black Beauty – all are new territory for me… Seeking tips.Radiator, Grill, PS pump, PS & AC Brackets and have been pulled out. –As forthe Water pump, I’ll likely remove the combined fan/clutch/pulleys & pumpall as one. Concerned about getting all back together correctly w/ new pump& gasket –the 8 bolts on fan & clutch/pulleys and several around thepump. Shall I install the pump 1st then the pulleys/fan, or connectall 1st then attach with the pump all at same time? (easieraccess-wise) As for the gasket –should I use sealant on the engine side, pumpside or both? Any recommended sealant other than Gasgacinch? –JEGS part#555-440-B -I have new 180 thermostat,all new hoses & flushed the Rad and heater core really good a few times w/CLR, Prestone superflush and a soak with vinegar –looks MUCH better inside.Will also drain coolant from block before another flush, if I can find thecorrect drain bolts –aft of the motor mounts I hear..? What size hex head?<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> -Same basic question on theTrans pan gasket – sealant on Trans side or Pan side or both? (after a goodscraping/clean) Also nervous about getting the new Trans filter installed –I’venever opened a Trans pan before –any tips?<o:p></o:p> Oh, and the Trans fluid (coolinglines) going into the bottom of the Radiator –which side is the inlet &/orwhich side is the exit? Any special AT Fluid recommended? (Posi-trac) Shouldchange the rear-end fluid too –it’s likely been 20 years…<o:p></o:p> Thanks in advance to all for anytips!<o:p></o:p> Happy Riving!<o:p></o:p> -Erik<o:p></o:p> ROA member # 12873 '65 401 (rebuilt .030 over) Black/Black Deluxe w/ Posi<o:p></o:p>
  6. Hello, I'm trying to find the Rear Bumperettes from a '65 Riviera -good chrome, no rust. Also, want the upper Front chrome pointed bumper for '65 Riv. good chrome, no rust. -I hear it is unique to '65 -different from the '63-'64. Any extra '65 Clamshells? - I need just the Right side or Right Upper shell. Do you have a solid clean/leak-free, OE '63-'65 Radiator? That does not need re-core. Please let me know if you have these -if so, photos & prices would help make things happen. I'm in San Diego, CA 92109 if you can estimate shipping. Thank you, -Erik
  7. Hello again, Tired of the drips... Wondering if any of you with a '63-'65 Rivs have experience with any of the Cool Craft "replacement" Rads seen at this link that RivNut posted in January 1964 - Riviera - Buick - Radiators Cool Craft - I called them up for clarification & the guy told me $400 + tax & shipping for the 4-core Brass/copper one w/ Top center fill/cap & trans cooler on bottom 12.5" spaced -"identical" black replacement. Total height of 21" x 25" W. The Aluminum one w/ fill/cap on the side would be $360 +T&S. I also found what appears to be a good Aluminum "identical" looking replacement 2-Row, 1" rows, (wheras OE has 3 x .5" Rows) it is 22.5" High & 26"W -Desert Cooler $370 @ Buick Riviera, 1963-65 V8 Aluminum Radiator --My concern with this one is the 22.5" Height - It seems my OE stock Rad got the pinhole on top from rubbing on the underside of hood (before new bump-stops), and it seems to be 21"ish High. OPGI has a Repro 3-Row replacement for $370, unsure of dimensions. Jegs & Summit didn't have anything as appealing. --:confused:-Any experience w/ these repacements/suggestions on Max. Rad height? I do have AC and live in San Diego, w/ temp gage typically at 195-205 degrees. I will replace T-stat w/ 180 deg. and likely add new water pump while in there. I've got a new Aluminum AC condensor so I sort of want the look of a matching Alum.Rad next to it (along w/ some chrome additions) -(I know, not correct/point deductions) sorry purists -not going all OE correct w/ this car for now... But, since I want it to be able to go there eventually (OE), I will repaint the Engine, brackets & PS pump correctly. Will rebuild & strip existing drippy pump soon. ---What is the correct black paint for the PS Pump? Flat, Semi-Gloss, or? Is it same as firewall? I'll get POR-15 Buick Green for block & brackets. Oh, and will the '63-'64 top Front chrome bumper be an identical swap onto my '65? Or is the Front also specific to '65s? --Know of any decent "reasonable/low-cost" Chrome platers in the San Diego/LA areas? Thanks in advance to all. -Erik ROA Member 12873 '65 Riv 401 Black/Black Posi 123K
  8. Hello CTS-SLPR, I bought a good one from Auto Armour recently for my '65 Riv for $129 (before I got the car) - the car came with a decent one, so the new Auto Armour one is still in the unopend box... I was about to list it for sale here for $100. It's a high quality 5-layer Breathable, Waterproof, Double-stitched/Hot-welded seams, "Elasticated" Hem, Resistant to UV rays, wind & rain... soft inner-side, light grey in color with storage bag. New, Unused, in box. See pics attached. I'll sell it for $100 + shipping ($20ish). Let me know if you'd like it. -Erik
  9. Hello Mr. Griswold, Sounds like a good one to have as back-up, mine was rebuilt many yrs ago and works great -but you never know... Can you please email me some photos -close/clear/lit as possible of top, sides, underside...? Any idea what it would cost to ship to 92109? Thank you, -Erik Durocher - ROA Member '65 Riviera 401, Deluxe, Posi, Black/Black
  10. Thanks for the tips guys -good to know. I think I'll save $100 and some time, and get a new 100-140 Amp Ext. Reg Alt & install the new Volt Reg. -After rebuilding my leaky Pwr Steering pump... ...On that note -what are the correct '65 paint colors for the PS brackets (Buick Green?) and pump/reservoir itself (Satin, flat, or Gloss Black?)
  11. Thanks Ed, Yes, I'll likely do the 3-wire internal reg 100+Amp Alt... Not really confident of my conversion/adaptor install skills though... My new (not-installed) Volt Reg (I'll likely return now) is solid state. Think I should get that Ebay adaptor?
  12. Hello, Please let me know if you have a nice Accelerator pedal for a 63-65 Riv - Without broken plastic connection tab points on the back. -Will pay $20 + Shipping to 92109 maybe more if very nice chrome & rubber on front. Send front/back photos please. Also want Rust-Free shiny Rear Bumperettes for the '65 Riviera Rear bumper. These are the 2 pieces on either side of the license plate. - $25 for the pair?? + shipping. Send front & back photos please. Thank you,
  13. Hello Ron, In case you have not yet found a relay - I just got one for my '65 at - part # RY8 $10.63... Still don't know if I'll need it -that project is down on the list now... Did you ever find the wiring diagram? If so, I could use it too if you can fwd. it. Best of luck. -Erik '65 401 Deluxe, Posi, Loaded, Black/Black