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  1. 1991 Chrysler TC by Maserati, 90K, Misc. small problems typical for age and type of car. Daily driver for 3 1/2 years. Good tires, needs new conv. top. Atlanta area. It's getting time to move this car and get on to something else. $3600 or best offer. 770-888-1107
  2. 1991 Chrysler TC by Maserati, 88K, Misc. small problems typical for age and type of car. Daily driver for 3 1/2 years. Good tires, needs new conv. top. Atlanta area. It's getting time to move this car and get on to something else. $3600 or best offer. 770-888-1107
  3. many thanks, the needle nose pliers worked. It wasn't the big nut it was the small round cam that moves the mech. Put a sawed off bolt in place of it with 2 nuts. Seems to be working now
  4. A while back I posted about this, however health problems are just allowing me to now address the problem again. 91 TC, can't unlatch hard top to remove. The electric switch is not working, and the manual trunk release has apparently broke as I can't get it to do anything. Seems like the only solution is going to be cutting thru the trunk somewhere to release top so I can get it off and make repairs needed. Does anyone have any other ideas, or know just where to go thru the trunk producing the smallest hole possible to trigger a release.
  5. Help! My electric portion of the top pulldown quit and the manual release thru the trunk seems to be broke. Any alternatives other than cutting thru the trunk? The hardtop is on now and pulled down tight.
  6. 91 v-6 Lately I've had an intermittent problem with stalling. It seems to be when ever I let off the gas quick and I'm stopping. The engine stalls. Sometimes when I'm still rolling. Occasionally when I start it, it dies right away unless I give it some gas. Any suggestions on what to check , and how to check it
  7. Can't use thru the trunk, thats how I was doing it when something snapped and now it won't do anything with the lug wrench. The round knob on the metal mechanism had been bent and straightened. I'm thinking thats what snapped off. So how doe I get in to release with neither an electric option or lug wrench option.
  8. May make an offer but first have to figure out how to get into the area to see what broke. Anybody got any suggestions on how to do that?
  9. Last night went to put my hardtop on, as usual the electrics didn't work so I was using the manual way. As I went to lock it down I heard a snap and heard something fall inside compartment. Now the manual way produces nothing. Top is latched down but not real tight. How do I get it to release so I can remove it and get under the cover to work on the mechanism? I'll bet the little knob that activates the latches has broken off. Does anyone have a complete mechanism for sale, assuming I can get back in to replace it
  10. Decided it was time to take off the hardtop. The electric unlatch worked and then quit. Just like a previous post I did you couldn't use the manual way. Took the whole mechanism out and jumpered wires and got the metal hoop on the mechanism to retract back in and then the manual way would work. Put the whole assy. back in without hooking up the electrics as I decided I'd just use manual way. Now the fun starts, when I go to pull the top down the back seems to latch but as soon as I try to latch front one of the rear pins pops up. Did some checking and with just the rear latched I can pull up on the one side and it'll pop loose. Both rear pins pull down and I can hear the clicks for locking but I can still pop the one side loose. Have tried adjusting the whole mechanism up, down, angled. Nothing seems to work. Can someone point me in right direction to solve this? One thing I don't understand, when the latches are down with no pins in them you can take a screwdriver and push the latch back where it would release the pin if it were there. When the the pulldowns are in the lock down position should something other than spring pressure hold them on the recess of the pin. Help please
  11. Must be the wrong time of year, does not anybody have any interest in the car?
  12. The time has come to clean house. 91 TC, v-6, auto, 68000, been daily driver for last 18 months.$4200 Please e-mail for additional info and pictures jmillerga@comcast.net 678-467-4722 Jeff Miller
  13. Solved the problem myself. I had taken off the electric motor assy and lo and behold it needs to stay on so that the loop of metal that moves back and forth can engage the manual part of the mechanism and provide a locking function. Any way I got it fixed
  14. I'm giving up on my electric pulldown, going to use the manual way for awhile. Just discovered though when I'm pulling it down I hear the latch spring for being closed then immediately the passenger side pin seems to slip off the pulldown and I've got a little clearance on that side. Is there any adjustments for the mechanism. I've had it out numerous times. Doesn't have hardly any slop in mounting holes to move it around muach.
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