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  1. Hi, Where are you located. I have a '28 Dictator second series ('27 type body with '29 type engine). I'm interested in parts, but need to know where you are so I know if I can get them easily. Thank you! Keith
  2. If so, can someone supply contact information to join? Keith Gramlich
  3. My ‘28 Dictator could use it as well. If there is someone that has taken over for Steve Munts or knows who may have his remaining inventory, I would be appreciative for the info. Best, Keith Gramlich
  4. So, Here's my next question, as no one seems to have a replacement cover. Can this be welded/braized, and them a sealer similar to what they coat gas tank interiors with be applied to sort of seal everything up? Thank you!! Keith
  5. Studeboy, I believe that. My Dad's '34 Nash had a water jacket plate that had all sorts of pinholes in it. Luckily he had purchased another one many years ago and was able to replace it. I'm waiting to hear back from Olson's and then I'll take it to a welder.
  6. I am looking for a replacement water jacket cover for the captioned. I have attached photos. The one on the car blew a large hole in it yesterday and the car had to be flatbedded home. Not that this car has the later 1928 engine, same as the 1929. Not the older one with the distributor in front and the convex exhaust header. Many thanks, Keith Gramlich
  7. I have had to severely scale back the production of our region’s newsletter in 2017. I am hoping 2018 will be different and I will be able to resume publishing a bi monthly newsletter for my region (GNYR). How do I go about signing up for the editor judging again. I didn’t do it last year so I gave forgotten. Thank you and Happy New Year to you all!! Best regards, Keith Gramlich Editor, “The Newsletter” GNYR, AACA
  8. Hi, I have a similar problem as well. I have attached a picture of my engine below. I found that Roberts Auto Parts Roberts Motor Parts - ONLINE CATALOG (978)-363-5407 or (978)-363-5881 has made an arrangement to have the old Purolator PER1/2 (as in the pic of my engine) reproduced. Problem is that the maker makes the order when they feel like it. I waited 3 years for them to have stock again and I got 2. You can give them a try as they make them for Chrysler and Plymouth cars. The original oil filter for these cars was a "pancake" type (looks like a 1 1/2 to 2" thick pancake) that was remov
  9. I had no idea they had such a history. It is so horrible when so many employees are out of work. Very unfortunate!
  10. Thanks Stude 8!! I will attempt this again. The tires that are on the car now are probably about 40-50 year old Goodyears. I looked for the Denham tires you mentioned because of your good report and they look real good, but I understand Denham is closed now having filed bankruptcy, so I guess I have to settle for Goodrichs now. I just noticed while I have the rims off the wheels, is that the tie rod ends appear a little loose and so is what I guess is the ball joints ( I don't know what they call the area that mounts the brake backing and spindle to the front axle). What do we use for replace
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