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  1. When all the windows quit in my 71, it was the power window relay. They pop up on ebay once in a while.
  2. I got the seat covers for my 71 from Distinctive Industries. I have the standard bench seat and was surprised to find them. You can take a look here for yours. I spoke with the nearest distributor to ensure what they had was what I wanted.
  3. OMG! OMG! OMG! http://rivperformance.editboard.com/t7381-write-up-blower-motor-control-module-replacement Thanks, Ed!
  4. Thanks guys. I'll have another look. Got step 1 done but cannot for the life of me see either the connector or the module. If the manual is too expensive and vague at that, I just might take Ed's other suggestion to let my fingers dial the garage. Given the pain in the neck from the first look see, twisting and contorting, it may be worth it to let someone else try it. Will try the Riv performance group first. Cheers!
  5. If the expert is stumped, then I DO need to purchase the ol' chassis manual.
  6. Where the deuce is it? Research in this forum and on the interweb places it in several places. Under the passenger seat? Nope. Under the hood by the blower? What blower? Under the carpet on the passenger side? Now they're just having fun with me. Under the glove box? Likely. I removed the panel, contorted myself but still don't see it. Where can it be? Pictures or a diagram would really help. A map would be even better. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ad must have been pulled because I can't find it on CL Nanaimo. Two ferry rides away for me in Gibsons IF there was something to see. Good catch.
  8. This is probably why they were banned: https://youtu.be/lLuNstLjP1c?t=40 😎
  9. Had the front and rear chrome done in Cloverdale here: superiorelectroplating.com Not cheap but filled a small hole in the rear bumper and I was satisfied with the results. In 2010 the cost was slightly north of 2G for both bumpers. Mind you, the 71 has more chrome than a first gen.
  10. Hi Tony Here are two links to listed events in the Vancouver area: http://www.autoeventlist.com/ http://autoeventsbc.com/ As for events back east, someone else will have to chime in. Too bad you couldn't bring that beautiful 71 with you on your visit. Enjoy your stay!
  11. I think the heart in the windshield is a nice touch.
  12. Is it this one? Not sure of the origin of these pics, tho.
  13. Get well soon, Bob. I will be placing an order for center console leatherette, too, when you are back.
  14. "New" relay in, power windows working. Now only if the sun would start to shine here. Sigh.
  15. Good clock repair and other useful info on the boattail registry site: http://boattail-riviera-by-buick.com/ Enjoy your ride! Brian
  16. Sorry for the late follow up...recently purchased an El Camino and have been sorting that out. Power to both sides of circuit breaker OK. Finally found the relay on the A pillar near the fuse box. Bypassed the relay with a jumper and viola...Relay gone bad, Part number 9831949 in case any one is interested. Ordered one from E(vil)Bay and will arrive later this month. Will update once installed. BTW these relays seem to be a rare commodity.
  17. If you own a boattail, this is the site for a wealth of info: http://buick-libraries.boattail-riviera-by-buick.com/
  18. Thanks for the replies...will get to it later this week.
  19. Hello all The power windows in my 71 have ceased to operate. None of the switches operate the windows. Here’s what I’ve tried: Checked fuses – all look OK Took out the drivers armrest controls (seat, mirror, windows). Blew dust out, all wires are connected. Cleaned up terminals on some relays and blew dust out of connectors. (see first pic) Not sure if these are the power window relay mentioned in the owner’s manual. If not can someone steer me in the right direction? I’m unsure of the condition of the 40 amp ciruit breaker in second pic. The power seat still works so I think it is OK(?) I don’t know what else to check...help please?