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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone and for the information that you all provided. I will feel much less guilty about using and enjoying my vehicles and also about the possibility of replacing the interiors with 'correct' 'new' interiors later in their lives. Thanks again everyone!
  2. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forums and have a question that I would pose to everyone regarding a vehicles interior once a vehicle crosses over into that classic or antique category. I would imagine that an original, unmolested interior would be considered to be the most desirable by judges and collectors. But, is there any circumstance that a restored or replaced interior would be just as acceptable? For instance, many of the vehicles manufactured today are made with inferior quality materials, i.e. the 'leathers' that are being offered. These materials tend to discolor, crack, and generally deteriorate at an accelerated rate compared to the materials of the past regardless of the level of care offered to attempt to prevent it. Would a 'new' interior in a classic or antique significantly decrease the value of the vehicle or how 'correct' the vehicle is provided the 'new' interior uses similar materials, color, and construction? I know the question is somewhat vague, but I'm interested in hearing how something like this would be handled, judged, and/or appraised. Thanks for your time.
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