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  1. Does anyone know a reputable, fair priced auto transport company to move a car from Boston to LA? Thank you
  2. Looking for a goddess in good condition with thread. Have been watching ebay, no luck recently.
  3. It seems to be worn, oil doesn't fix it.
  4. Looking for moulding (believe its aluminum) that wraps around the roof.
  5. My current hub is squeaking and I need a new one. I have heard that these can be retrofitted with a bearing, looking for one of these.
  6. Hello I am in the process of doing my wheels. I am stumped on the paint of the wood spokes. I know that the wood spokes are natural wood with a stripe. When I got the car there were worn away body(blue) stripes. Now that I am doing the wheels over I am trying to find out what the correct color of the stripe is. I thought it was body blue, but there are two people telling me that the stripes should be red. The attached document says that my model it is supposed to be blue stripe on the spokes. I am not sure if this is a Buick official document however. I am trying to figure out what was original. My model is 1927 27-50 Should the stripe on the wood spoke be red or body blue? Thank you so much! I appreciate it greatly. Ethan
  7. Sent PM to DShip and Serb.
  8. I had gotten a quote and proof made up for a grille badge and other items including pins, keychains etc with that same logo type. If anyone is interested doing this let me know and I can send you the email with a quote and pictures of the item proofs. The company I got the quote from seems pretty reliable. Ethan
  9. nhyr2009


    If anyone is looking for 600-21 Tires, I found some for a decent price. Better than anywhere else that I could see. Coker Tire 78970 - Coker BFGoodrich Vintage Tires - Overview - SummitRacing.com
  10. The car was originally owned by a banker, he would use the car only when he would go out with his mistress. His wife found out about his mistress and the use of the car however. From then on she forced him to store the car and not touch it or use it at all. It was then sold to a couple in central NH who did not use it all that much either. From there my grandfather bought the car and again did not drive it all that much. When he bought the car it was in GREAT condition, perfect interior mohair...perfect, great condition on the whole car. He then left the car outside for several years after a stroke, didn't even cover it over. Several family members wanted to care for it, but he wouldn't let anyone touch it. Finally, just a few years ago, he gave it to us, Scott and I have been working on it ever since with the help of Buick enthusiasts all over the country!
  11. I have the part numbers laying around somewhere, I will try to dig them up and get them to you!
  12. Paypal is a GREAT tool and I use it every day. However, this is a huge scam! My brother was once scammed like this when he was 17 and lost a bit of money! When a scam like this happens, you will often get an email looking like it is from Paypal but it is really not. **If you ever get one of these emails and dont think that it is really from Paypal, DO NOT click any links on the email then log into your paypal account. It is probally a fake website that looks like paypal and will steal your login from you entering it onto the fake site.** -Contact paypal to report the scam. If you are using paypal directly by going to paypal.com and either send a payment request to someones email or they send payment to you, the activity will show on your account. Once this happens you know that the payment was processed securely! Goodluck! Ethan
  13. Hello, Which oil should I use for a 1927 Buick? Thank you
  14. Does anyone have their 70 Years of Buick handy? Mine is currently in another location. I'm trying to figure out the production number and original cost of the 1927 Model 50. It would be a great help. Thank you, Ethan
  15. Hello, Looking for new blackwall tires for my 1927 Model 50. They are 600x21 I have seen: BF Goodrich Firestone Goodyear Denman What is recommended? Are all of these brands good?
  16. Anyone know where to get a exhaust system? Muffler and correct pipes. Thank you
  17. Hello all, Just wondering what the normal temp should be while driving. I have a 1927 Model 50 7 pass sedan. I have been at a minimum of 160 and usually up near 180 when a hot day. Thank you!
  18. Nice, I live in the Nashua area..Thanks for sharing.
  19. Hello all, I have a 1927 Buick Master Model 50 and the water pump is leaking horribly.. Does anyone know what I should do.? Where to get a new working one? Rebuilt one? etc..? I just want to get one that will work and not leak for years to come. Thank you, Ethan
  20. Hello, Today I went for a drive in the Buick and the temperature crawled up to and stayed at 180 degrees. What is the best thing to use for coolant. Currently I just use water. Is there something that will cool down the engine more on a hot day? I have a 1927 Buick Master (Model 50) Ethan
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