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  1. I need a 1936 Plymouth door striker. Does anybody have one available for sale?
  2. Dear AACA members, does anyone have 1936 Plymouth taillamp lock rings and socket bracket for sale? Thank you
  3. Does anyone have or know of someone who has a 1936 Plymouth Accessories Brochure?
  4. I need a 1936 Plymouth accelerator shaft bracket. Here's a picture. Thank you.
  5. I need an accelerator shaft bracket for a 1936 Plymouth. Please help. Thank you.
  6. I agree. I've noticed the good nos parts at the swap meet are mostly for cars I don't own. It's just that eBay kills the thrill of the hunt for nos & nors parts, but I have been able to find most of the parts for my project from it.
  7. @TerryBond that was the story at Hershey last year. That was my first time visiting Hershey. Those jake legged repop side vendors could've had their own field. Had enough of that crap. It's called eBay if you want that crap.
  8. This was on my grandfathers homestead. Can someone please identify what year, make and model this fender skirt went to? God Bless America
  9. Can you post some more pictures of your 1936 Plymouth? Perhaps larger ones? Looks just like mine.
  10. Yes sir that is photograph I remember seeing. I have a 1936 Plymouth commercial sedan brochure which also shows a black block and silver head.
  11. Where does a guy go to buy that finely shredded straw-like substance used to insulate the floorboards? Plus the rubber/linoleum-like one piece floor mat? Does anyone have any leads of people in the 1930s floor mat business? This is going in a 1936 Plymouth. I'm not just sticking a piece of carpet down there. I want it done right they way it originally was. Thank you for any help.
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