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  1. Hello I have a 1988 Owners Manual with the pen and also the inside center console cassette tape holder in excellent shape. Make offer. Pen does still work! Here is the link to see the pic's Owners manual
  2. I just purchased my 88 (136 K mi.) this month. After getting it home my screen started the same as described, off and on. I noticed the computer goes on and off (still functional ) just the lights on the screen go on and off as I apply the brakes, with my headlights on. Only happens usually at night. I have the AC fluid low, washer fluid low, and fuel low. They are all full and oil pressure is fine. I tried to clear the codes yesterday, with pressing the warm and off at the same time. It seemed to stop the problem with the screen going blank but I am still getting the readings of low fluids an
  3. Just saw this and am passing it on to the group: 1990 Buick Reatta Convertible 3.8 V6 *LOW MILES* Leather MUST SEE!
  4. Let me know what you do to fix this problem . New here and trying to learn a little from you experts ! I just bought mine and then after getting it home having the same problem as you with mine. Not happening all the time just spuratically. 88 Red.Burg
  5. Is the windshield still good? I really need one for my new purchased 88. Let me know, even though you are miles from me I might be able to find someone to help me get it, thanks
  6. I am still looking for a windshield and have a friend in florida for possible pickup? If it has one??
  7. Just wanted to thank all you who gave me great advise about buying my new 2 me 88 Burg/Burg coupe 133,000 mi.,with the sunroof, and the 16 way seat. I believe I got a real good deal for $2900. It is not quite perfect, but it is perfect for me! I must say I am fully ready for"Reatta is not just transportation, it is also a hobby, a learning experience, and a lifestyle. I know from reading on this forum I will also be a member of the BCA and the Reatta Division shortly! Now ,how to change my name on here, as I am no longer L2B(looking to buy) but will be looking for more to learn on here! Thank-
  8. My son is calling me an addict and I don't own yet! While in my browsing stage I ran across this poor little lonely and cold one ! Do you all think I should rescue it out of the Freezer that it is currently in? 1991 Buick Reatta Coupe 1991 Buick Reatta Coupe Is anyone close that would like to take a look and report back? Appreciate this site very much and have been reading so much the last week! Thank-You all.....Kathy;) 1991 Buick Reatta Coupe
  9. I realized that after my post sorry!lol It is a beautiful car, I wish I had all the money right now, but still waiting probably a month and a half for the rest, If you still have it and the one that is close to me isn't progressing in parts needed I will for sure be getting a hold of you! Doubtful though because someone will snatch this one up fast I'm sure!
  10. Thank-You also alot better than someone trying to put a 1000. price on one, had me kinda nervous if prices are that high for parts. Hopefully I can find a parts car later.
  11. Very nice. I do like the Burg/grey. Is this located in IL or NY? Does it have the 16 way seats?Still browsing, The one I have in mind is right here close but looking for a windshield for it to be replaced b-for purchase. Anyone have one for an 88?
  12. No I am not owner yet! I appreciate all the info and I know used older cars require parts and repairs but it goes with the territory, even newer models people put alot more $ into and don't have the uniqueness and pride of the ownership. My last car was an 89 and still running strong when I sold it! Won't mention the make though!lol Taking care of your vehicle no matter what it is can mean the difference of being able to get to point A to point B! I can change the oil, tires, and general maintance, even if I am a girl, but I will need a mechanic in the Indy area for other things if anyone know
  13. Thanks to all for good advise. I can now atleast make a better decission on what I have to look for, I have alway's loved older cars (Buicks prefer)better than the new everyone has now. Quality has been going down in everything, but price just seems to climb higher! I will let you all know if I purchase this one, If not this one another! Gotta have one now!
  14. Didn't have a price yet but somewhere in the 3600 -5000 ballpark. I will find out this week. I will let you know if I don't work out a deal maybe you want to buy?
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