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  1. I would never ratrod this car. This car has lasted this long and I think that it should live the rest of its life the way it is, all original. It does need some work however. wiring, brakes, and an engine overhaul because it smokes alot. But all that will have to wait because of money and time. I hate it when people cut up old cars and destroy them. They look so much better when theey are all original anyway. I love the old patina look.
  2. I was wondering if someone could take a photo and post it of what the Dodge Victory 6 vacuum fuel feed system looks like. I need pictures of what the top looks like as I think that I am missing some of the brass attachments for the fuel lines. Here is a picture of my car. I bought it almost 2 years ago when I was 17 off of ebay. Thanks, johndeereb