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  1. Hey guys, So, after years of keeping my '53 Wasp in the garage, I finally decided to bring the car to a public storage place in my hometown, Houston. Due to current budget constraints, I was unable to buy my own storing container for the house and was on the hunt for somewhere inexpensive, safe, and with a conditioned environment to keep my Hudson. To keep a long story short, I FULLY recommend Uncle Bob's Public Storage for keeping your car or parts. They had everything I was looking for and I was amazed enough at their service to recommend it, especially for the price. I was pretty surprised
  2. If it helps anyone at all, I've been storing my Hudson '53 Wasp at a public storage place because it's cheap, environment-conditioned, and safe. Since I'm in Houston, I use Uncle Bob's Self Storage and have been able to negotiate with them on prices (which is great, since the other places I've been to don't work with people well) I don't know why, but I don't really trust leaving my car in the garage, especially after I put so much money into restoring it. If you're in Houston, you should check out Uncle Bob's Self Storage. I give completely recommendations. If you're not in Houston, they have
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