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  1. Hey guys, So, after years of keeping my '53 Wasp in the garage, I finally decided to bring the car to a public storage place in my hometown, Houston. Due to current budget constraints, I was unable to buy my own storing container for the house and was on the hunt for somewhere inexpensive, safe, and with a conditioned environment to keep my Hudson. To keep a long story short, I FULLY recommend Uncle Bob's Public Storage for keeping your car or parts. They had everything I was looking for and I was amazed enough at their service to recommend it, especially for the price. I was pretty surprised that they were so open for negotiation. I just wanted to give you guys a decent review in case you were looking for a nice place to drop off your stuff. Here's where you can find information in Texas: Uncle Bob's Self Storage - Texas. If you're not in Texas, I saw that they have other places around the nation, and I'm sure they're just as helpful.
  2. If it helps anyone at all, I've been storing my Hudson '53 Wasp at a public storage place because it's cheap, environment-conditioned, and safe. Since I'm in Houston, I use Uncle Bob's Self Storage and have been able to negotiate with them on prices (which is great, since the other places I've been to don't work with people well) I don't know why, but I don't really trust leaving my car in the garage, especially after I put so much money into restoring it. If you're in Houston, you should check out Uncle Bob's Self Storage. I give completely recommendations. If you're not in Houston, they have other public storage lots around the country.