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  1. The original poster only posted the one time back in February, so it is doubtful he is even open for volunteers now. I did speak to him on the phone, and he seemed to be a nice guy. I'm not sure if they (the show) would have done a proper restoration, because the masses would probably prefer seeing an old car modified IMO. I haven't heard anything else since.
  2. I hate the idea of selling it, but due to serious health issues, I may have no choice. I will be sure and list it here, but was wondering if any of you that have sold an old car had any luck by contacting any local car clubs? Of course, I can also list it on Craig's list, but I sure that there will be some nuts I will have to deal with. Got any other ideas?
  3. James, right now, I couldn't afford the old rotten wire to install. It would seem that this recession (depression) has finally got to me now. That being said, if you can afford it, I would get the correct looking wire. I believe that in the long run, it would be worth the extra expense. BTW, good to hear from you again!
  4. One thing I have noticed over the years, are all the great people on this site, willing to help out at the drop of the hat. Unfortunately, there always seems to be one person in every group that just doesn't get it! Kenn59, I see that you are a new member here, and if I were you, I would open your eyes to the suggestion that was given you. With the respose that you gave, you will not go far here, especially if you ever need assistance with anything.
  5. It's a great feeling to find someone who knows what they are doing.
  6. Sounds like the size of my original cables before I replaced them.
  7. Rich, the first thing that comes to mind are the battery cables themselves. Make sure that they are not for a 12 volt system. I've got a 37 Pontiac that was very sluggish when starting, that I had felt sure would be corrected with a new battery. Well, I got the same thing. The problem I was having was at some time, a previous owner had installed new battery cables, but used ones that were designed for a 12 volt system. The 6 volt cables are of a much larger diameter, and once I put on the correct cables, the car started right up. This may not be your problem, but it is worth a look.
  8. Was there a formula that they used in the beginning for this? Just curious.
  9. Looking forward to watching your progress! Here is a link to many photographs to a 37 Pontiac restoration that was completed a few years back. These may come in handy. http://gngs.smugmug.com/Cars/1937-Pontiac-6-Restoration
  10. I personally see no problem with members commenting on the price of a car for sale, especially if the asking price is way out in left field. I believe that it is obvious that the seller is uninformed about the actual value of the car in question. If I were selling an item (anything), and my asking price was way off with the true market value, then I would like to know. Unfortunately, I believe that hotrodgirl66 has a strong emotional attachment to the car, which has nothing to do with the true value. Believe me, I can relate to this. However, the seller must understand the fact that why would a person buy a car in this condition (not even running, and without an engine) when they could buy a nice running car of the same year and model for considerably less, and in much better condition. This doesn't make any sense.
  11. If there is a starting problem (slow starter) try starting the car for about 20-30 seconds, then feel the cables,, every bit of length. If there is a problem with the cables, you will be able to feel the excessive heat from the bad area of the cable, and this goes for the connectors as well.
  12. The brokers I delt with (yes, there was more than one) did nothing but promise me the moon, with nothing but lies! I tried more than one, and the ones I delt with were all the same. Once a member here turned me on to an owner/driver, then things started happening. My car was supposed to be picked up in Feb, but only when I hired the owner/driver was it finally picked up in May. I for one will NEVER go with a broker again. I don't like to be lied to!
  13. Just about any battery place will check your charging system while you wait. I know that a lot of the auto parts stores do thia all the time. This way, you'll find out whats going on. The regulator regulates the amount of voltage being charged back to the battery, so if the regulator is bad, your battery might not be geting any charging voltage. Also like others have said, could be a problem with your wiring.
  14. I believe that there will be one car per episode, not one car for an entire season as was suggested. I know that Derek has done some shows for the Discovery Channel in the past, but he didn't say anything to me about which channel his new show was going to be on, except saying "It's one of the big cable channels". He also told me that one of the main restorers was located in the Sarasota Florida area. He also said that one of the hosts was a "purist", while another was into hot-rods. Maybe this is where they will be getting the bickering back and forth. You know, like most reality shows. The reaon why I was kind of intereste inthe show in the beginning was the fact that they were looking for someone with an old car that was just sitting, and not being worked on/restored. To me, the obvious reason for this would be the lack of funds, which would have fit my criteria. I was surprised to find out that the owner of the car would be having to "Pay" for this restoration, and not the show. It's a different approach, but I believe that it will be difficult for he show to find a decent car to be overhauled, except for maybe a rust-bucket. I definately would watch the show to see how everything transpires. Wether it will be a hit or not remains to be seen. Of course, like many new shows, there may be changes which might take the show in a totally different direction.
  15. My point exactly. If a person wanted to have their car "restored", it would seem that he/she could seek out the best price/quality for the amount of money having to spend. With the show, there would be no shopping around, and basically what you see is what you get. The person on the show might be top-notch, but then again, may be someone who takes a lot of short-cuts in quality.
  16. From what I understand with what Derek told me, the actual star of the show would not only be the car, but the cars owner. As fas as what cable channel, I didn't ask, and he didn't say, but he DID say it was one of the BIG ones. He also mentioned that he had produced some shows on the Discovery Channel in the past. It would seem to me, that if a person had an old car just rusting away in their garage, then the lack of finances would probably be the reason. I don't see how any old car owner would be able to pay for the restoration of their car on the show, or they would have had it restored years ago. Of course, by this being a new show, then maybe it will morph (change) as the show continues. You know, start out one way, then go into a different direction. Take my old Pontiac for example. Fully restored, it would NEVER bring the auction price as a nice Packard or Oldsmobile. Like with most cars, a person will probably never get their investment back when selling their restored car, so why would a person pay for all this restoration work, if it exceeded the actual car value?
  17. Just an opinion here, but I would think that the cost of the restoration done by the show might be considerably higher that it would cost a person to go out and shop around for not only the best price, but the best quality as well. I don't remember being told by Derek that the work on the car would be at a discounted price, but maybe it would be. I don't recall that topic ever being brought up. Of course, this is not something that i would even consider.
  18. The only benefit I can see to the antique car owner would be if the car meant nothing to them. Like it has already been stated, there was a reason WHY the car just sat in the garage, and in most cases (IMO) the reason would be the lack of funds. I know that there are other shows (Overhaulin) that this is done to someones vehicle that the owner doesn't have to pay for anything, do they?
  19. Derek (the TV producer) had posted a few weeks ago about looking for people who had an old car in their garage in the Tampa Bay area, that might be willing to be on their new show. I sent a PM to him, and he gave me his phone number, so I gave him a call. Seems to me to be a very nice person, and he told me that basic format of this new show. They find a person who has an old car that has never got around to doing anything with it. If a person is picked to be on their show, the owner of the car and the show staff discuss what the owner always wanted to do with their car. Then the fun begins. They (the show) does the repairs/restorations, and when completed, the owner of the car has to make a decision. Either the owner pays for all the work that was done, or the show auctions of the car, and the owner gets a cut on the proceeds from the auction. I informed Derek that there was no way I would ever be able to pay for any restoration work, and that I had no intentions of selling my car. He asked me to send him some photos of my car, then he emailed me back saying he understood why I didn't want to sell the car. He also said that if there is any way in the future of working my car into one of his shows, he'd give me a call. I guess that this show would be good for sopmeone who really doesn't care about their car, and really had no intention of putting any money into it. I just thought that some of you might want to know what the new show was all about. I wish Derek well with his new show, but he needs to find people who really do not have any attachments to their old cars.
  20. Derek, My name is Jim, and I live in Tampa. I'm the one mentioned by Dave with the '37 Pontiac. I too would like to hear about your intentions on these cars you are looking for. Mine is in may garage (LOL) but not actually rotting away. I am a purist when it comes to history, so is this what you have in mind? Right now, I've had to put everything on hold, so I don't have the funds to do what I'd like to be doing with my car. If you'd like, send me a PM with your phone #, and we can talk. However, if your intentions are to do any mods to a car, and turn it into something else, then you have lost my interest.
  21. Great to hear from you again! I have often wondered how you were doing with the car. I have the same problem with my 37 Pontiac when it has been sitting for a while. I hate the idea of cranking and cranking, until the car finally starts. I haven't done anything about this problem yet, so I will definately be reading the responses to your question, to give me some ideas as to correcting this issue. I have found that using a bit of starting fluid will start the car fast, but I may have to do this 2 or more times, before the gas actually gets to the carburator. I also don't like having to start my car in this manner, because the engine will start almost instantly, and before the engine becomes lubed which I believe may cause some wear issues. I have actually gone as far as to try to start the car without doing this for maybe 10 seconds, THEN use the starting fluid, in the hopes that the engine will be better lubed before it starts running. Again, I hate having to do this. Glad you're still at it, and I look forward to reading more, as well as seeing some more photos.
  22. Thank you guys. I now have an appointment with the hospital Dr on the 24th of this month, and before seeing the Dr, I am supposed to go by the finanace dept. I asked about the payment to see the Dr, and they told me N/C. Things are looking better! All you huys have really been an inspiration to not only me, but to any others that might be faced with a situation like this. All of this is well appreciated. Oh, and BTW, believe me, I still have my sense of humor. I use it every day, even with the Drs when they give me the news. LOL
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