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  1. The brokers I delt with (yes, there was more than one) did nothing but promise me the moon, with nothing but lies! I tried more than one, and the ones I delt with were all the same. Once a member here turned me on to an owner/driver, then things started happening. My car was supposed to be picked up in Feb, but only when I hired the owner/driver was it finally picked up in May. I for one will NEVER go with a broker again. I don't like to be lied to!
  2. I will only deal with an owner/operator, never a broker. It took 4 long months for me to get my car. Constant lies from one broker, and then the next broker I got the same. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Nope, never again. These brokers have a real racket going. Promising the moon, but getting only salt. They lie to you about the price, knowing all to well that they will NEVER get a carrier to do it for that amount. Then, they say "well, if we offer them this much, I believe that we can get it done". Nope, that doesn't work, so they then say "well, they will
  3. Sorry Todd, but I hold the brokers COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE for what I had to go through. I do NOT like to be lied to, or deceived in any way, shape or form. When I looked into getting my car transported, I knew nothing about how much having a car transported would cost. On this site, Jim (Trulyvintage) set me straight. Because of everything that I had been told by these "brokers", I got pissed at Jim. I then did some more research on the subject, and realized that Jim was telling me the way it really was, and to not go by the things that these brokers were saying. This doesn't mean that al
  4. Yes, I spoke to the guy last month, and he said that it worked fine, and still is with no problems what-so-ever.
  5. Trevor Why don't you photograph the steps you take and post them her? I'd like to see the complete proces that you are doing.
  6. Yup Jim, as you remember, you opened my eyes to the "truth" years ago. I also figured that the poster was an auto broker, or worked for one.
  7. Like I said before, I would NEVER deal with an auto broker. My experience was horrible with them. Not just one of them, but many. They give you a low-ball estimate, and when you go with them, they can't find a driver willing to do the job for the price they quoted. THEN, they say "If we up the price, they should be able to find someone". Also, if dealing with an auto broker, NEVER give them a penney until you get your car. This also means no giving them a credit card number either. Contact an owner/operator for the best "true" deal.
  8. What about he bent frame you spoke of? How bad was it?
  9. Well, I pulled and checked the .05 uf cap, and it was open. I replaced it with a .047 uf @ 630 volts capacitor, and now I have 330 volts AC output. Told the owner to hook it up and try it out. Thanks guys!
  10. Thank you guys! I believe hat I will be able to repair this power supply with the info provided. I'll let you all know the outcome of this project!
  11. Thank you Melvin. The circuit actually looks pretty simple. There is a power transistor, 2 resistors, a transformer, as well as a 330VAC capacitor in this pack. My gut feeling is that it has a bad capacitor, so I am in the process of finding one now. The power transistor might be a different story. My profession is electronics repair, but so far, I couldn't find any cross or info on the part. I'm sure it has to be out there, I just haven't found it yet.
  12. I had a gentleman come by the shop with a small power supply that is used for lighting the dash-board lights. He is wanting me to try and repair it, but I really have no idea how it works. I see that there is a transistor, as well as a small transformer, and a capacitor. Does anyone know of these things? Is there any kind of a work-around for this circuit? He said that he has completely restored the entire car except for this part. He also told me that this was only used in the 1966 and 1967 Chrysler products. I've got the mans number, so I'll be sure and let him know of any answers. Th
  13. Rusty, my oldest set is a 1946 model RCA with the TV, radio and record player. Yes, the TV has a huge screen size of 10"! Wow! I wonder if someone would like to trade me their car for it?
  14. Rusty, what you are describing are the 7" "electrostatic" deflection sets. Many of the early sets from the 40's used this type of deflection. The picture tubes were small screened, and very long. To answer your question, yes, they can be very collectible now. Of course just as cars, some are more collectible than others.
  15. Those things are now highly collectible now. Do you still have them, or any of them?
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