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  1. Ok My uncle passed away in december and had lots of buick and pontiac parts. We are not sure what to do with them, I figuered the true Buick guys should be the ones to decide. He had a 1965 buick sport wagon with a 300 4bbl that ran when it was parked. Has all glass but top 3 i think. It is filled with buick and pontiac parts. He had (3) nailheads, 1 was a 425 with a superturbine trany(I think my grandpa called it). 1 was 401 with tranny and the last was a 300 with tranny. These are all 3 complete engines complete with all accesories. What would something like this sell for? I dont want to make a fortune just feel my grandparents should not be ripped off. We will be selling these off at the portland swap meet in april. We also found a few aluminum drums for buicks and 8 lug drums for pontiacs. Any I deas on value of these parts? If need be someone can point me to the correct forum for these questions. I have more parts just not sure what yet. Thanks alot, any help would be nice. I am a little car-savey just old buick are not my thing. Thanks again Brandon