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  1. Please check following site. I believe, this is a same type of car of mine. Olds Replica Surrey Motorcar Portfolio
  2. I'm going to add couple more pictures. Please check it. This car is storage at rental storage center, 10 minute from SF Airport.
  3. Well, what can I say... how about $3,000. I was advised by a well known person who knows about the Horseless Carriage that this is replica around 1950. The car still storage in SF near airport. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Since I did not know much detail of this car, but after my survey and received information from other collectors and proffessional. This is replica of "Bliss" or "Air Products" 1902 Oldmobile Curved Dash. The car has been storaged last 20 years at SF Bay area, last registerd on 1986 with California Hoseless Carriage Licence plates. I want to sell this car soon as possible. I will welcom any offer. I can send more pictuers, please send your email. Thank you, Stewart