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  1. Love it! After the 1927 L to B Run, Lord Montegu and other old car fans decided that it might be fun to start an old car club. That was the beginning of their old car club founded in around 1930. This probably a model that set the stage for the AACA founded in 1935. Now you know more than you ever wanted to know about the L to B Run. winton
  2. There are pictures of a man with a red flag walking in front of a vehicle from the era. As I understand it, the rule mandating the red flag was relaxed before 1896 but the police & local gouvernments continued to enforce it. In 1896 and before each run, a red flag is ripped in half to celebrate the end of the law. I believe the revival of the run started in 1927 and was formalized in 1937 by Lord Montegu and has been run every year since. The red flag originally enacted to protect people from the steam traction engines which were used as powersources for farms. They were like steam lo
  3. Fabulous--fun to see the way our cars lived back then--Sincere thanks!!!--winton
  4. T-shirt rag also works well---winton
  5. Hi trimacar, Yes, add graphite powder to transmission oil. I used this on another car that had a bad chatter problem & it helped. Oh yes, my car is a 1909 which used a cone clutch, originally lined with red fibre. The car had the Shebler Carb & adaptor when my dad bought it. Also, by the way, Except for carb. iceing, cold air is better engineering, as cold air is more dense and provides more O2 to the motor= more power. Our car has been fabulous--reliable, cute and a lot of fun with little trouble, and has made us very "huppy"----winton
  6. The L to B Run is still limited to 1904. I think they figured that a lot of experimentation was pretty much finalized by 1904. The speed also is a good point, they don't want the run to be a race. The car to pick is not the fastest--you don't want speed you want reliability. Three horsepower cars regularly do just fine. An additional suggestion is the curved dash Olds. the car is simple, reliable and well designed AND parts are available. London to Brighton Veteran Car Run 2009 will give you a good idea of what's involved. Dress warm -- it's a cold trip but it's fantastic!--winton
  7. Does anyone know just what the spring tension should be on the early Atmospheric or automatic intake valves, used up to around 1905 or so? If the spring is too weak, the valve will smack against the seat and shatter the valve. If the spring is too strong, it will reduce engine power (Or the car just won't start). I have never seen any information written on this topic. winton
  8. By the way, a reasonable way to determine the amount of oil to put into the crankcase is to start with two full pumps. If the car shows blue smoke, drain the oil and try 1 1/2 pumps. If the blue smoke still is seen, try 1 1/4 pumps etc. You won't be far wrong if you pump in just a little less than causes the car to smoke. This also will use up a lot of your spare time--good luck. -winton
  9. My '09 hupp has a cone clutch lined with breaklining meterial & has worked great for the last 50 years. I use 30 W oil in the trans. With disc clutches, a little graphite powder may help. Too much might clog the oil passages. 600 W as I understand it was steam cylinder oil from an earlier era. New products are better. My car will top out at 54 -50 mph. I suspect that the Shebler carb. helps. In the old days, many Hupp owners switched to Shebler for more speed (1909 hot rods). It is a wonderful car!--winton
  10. Hi David, Yes it appears to be an 03 winton--I'd have to check to varify the year. By the way, I wouldn't use water to clean the carbon out as it is usually rather oily. Better try try kerosene --this is probably a dirtier job however. This is my first contact using the AACA website & I hope that I am doing it right. I might add that the 09 hupp was my graduation present from HS--my father was the best. It has proved to be a truly great car thru the years--runs great and is always fun to drive.--winton
  11. This is probably a deDion type engine. The early deDion oiling system involved dumping all of the crank case oil every 20 miles Then using a measuring reserve "tank" holding ?perhaps 1/2 pint of oil to fill the crankcase. The Orient (ours is 1907) usually has a brass oil pump & probably ?????????????? one full pump load would fill the crankcase properly. I have never found the answer to this. The deDion engines require about a cup of oil and possibly this would hold for Orients as well.--winton
  12. Check you carb. It may be set too rich. I don't seem to get all that much carbon in my muffler. My car has a shebler carb. which I am afraid to replace with the original because it runs so well as is. My car is a 1909.-winton
  13. winton

    Model 20 Fan

    I hung an automobile electric fan on temarary wires behind the radiator on my 1909. I mounted a motorcycle battery under the seat and a toggle switch outside of the body under the seat where it is east to reach and does not show. The fan runs for at least an hour of so and works fine . If you show the car, it's easy to pull the fan out.-winton
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