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  1. Hi although i don't have the parts you are looking for I have a 1937 Graham Crusader Model 85 which i have owned for 45 years and are looking for a few parts .. I have contacted a few companys that have the parts but no reply this seems to happen with people that have graham parts was just wondering if their is a secret code in the Graham circles to get a reply , is it a nod a wink or a secret hand shake ... Kind regards Dennis
  2. Thanks Steve , We can now make a decision... I have had my Graham since 1968 and now that Sofia and I have retired we are now going to do a tour of New Zealand in the Graham before you can't get parts for 2 of us oldies . Thanks to all the Guys that have replied on this thread you all have been very helpfull... Kind regards Dennis
  3. I now know they are top people to deal with thanks for that .... Kind regards Dennis
  4. I feel a lot happier now that i asked the question and feel a bit embarrased for checking up on Max Merritt Auto's . Unfortunatley i have been caught before . AACA really works when you need advice and some reassurance on matters most important to us Vintage car owners ... will look out for the alternative ...the price is not a worry ,i just like to know who I'm dealing with and I guess the same is for them and Max Merritt is obviously a top bloke ...... Kind regards Dennis
  5. Thanks ED will do that . Sofia and I are going to do a tour of New Zealand in the Graham and just getting some parts to spruce her up while we can... not sure we will get spare part for Sofia and I though so had better do the tour now ... Kind regards Dennis
  6. I am looking to buy parts from this website for my 1937 Graham Crusader Model 85.. the tail lights are the same as the Packard 120 Junior Sedan he has the parts i require .. have been coresponding with him .. rather than send me pictures of the part i require he would rather i phone him from New Zealand and talk to him i find this odd and expensive ...Any one had dealings with him and can recommend... Kind regards Dennis
  7. !928-31 Dodge , Plymouth, Chrysler, Desoto, Durant, Graham Paige , and any vehicle that took these tail lights The tail lights we make are a copy of the Flilite and are made of brass no steel used except the stainless steel screws Diameter across the front is 3 1/2" the lenght of the lamp is 2 1/2" assembled. the screws are at 2 1/16" centres and 1" long the lenses are Glass with Dodge in them and are from the original moulds of the period The license plate lense is acrylic plastic.. The lamp is Chromed . the thickness of the brass is 0.5mm .. the electric are 6volt but can be used in
  8. Hi Forrest, We have now resumed making our Dodge Tail lights .. We make the Ones that are 3 1/2" Diam as there were two types used we do the smaller one and are copy of the Flilite .. We have these in stock We stopped making them for awhile because of the Earth quakes over here things got a bit trashed .. s.d.gooch@paradise.net.nz
  9. Swap I have a 1940 Oldsmobile operation and care manual almost in perfect condition with the pull out lubrication chart in what i think has been unopened untill now.. Will swap for odd ball antique spark plugs that i don't have. eg Mayo, PDQ, James, Window spark etc ... tempt me with anything... Kind regards Dennis
  10. Hi Susan , David has just contacted me with another email address to answer to . thankyou for all your help... The Car that I have is a 1937 Graham Crusader Model 85 and we are just doing the engine up so the 3 of us oldies can tour New Zealand before we 3 get too old and we can't get parts for two of us ... Kind regards Dennis
  11. I know what you mean getting to some people in the states that use comcast.net are impossible to contact even though they can contact us but we can't answer them , sadly they probbaly class us from NZ as spam , who knows they won't answer us and we have no way of resolving the problem.. So i have chosen to use AACA as a means of trying to contact these people and we have some really nice folks on AACA that are eager to help ... Kind regards Dennis
  12. Hi Susan sorry I don't have his phone Number he may read his email when he returns to his home from work .... Kind regards Dennis from New Zealand
  13. Thanks Susan have been trying for days to contact David AACA is really tops when it comes to us vintage folks it's a very polite and friendly and helpfull site once again thanks for your help... Kind regards Dennis
  14. Hi Guys I am trying to contact David at davidbingaman@comcast.net comcast.net has blocked our email address from nz saying that it is spam who knows why I am not a business.. I wish to tell him that we do have the Lenses for his Dodge but can't email him back and does he have another email address or may be that we can talk through AACA ... Kind regards Dennis Gooch
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