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  1. Joe, I sent you an email on the emailaddress that you have given, but it did not work. Do you have any other emai ladress that I can use? Or send me an email to goth(at) and I will try to answer on that. Thanks Goran
  2. Hi, Do you have any parts for Studebaker President and Commander 1931 and 1932? If so, please send a list of what you have to Thanks
  3. Mike, Any parts for Studebaker Commander 1932?????? Thanks Göran
  4. Looking for a good used or NOS camshaft for my Studebaker Commander-32. Studebaker part# 168652, used on Commander 31-33 and President 33. Also looking for a NOS camshaft timing gear Studebaker part#167143 or 167371 for the same car. The best way to contact me is by email: Thanks Goran
  5. Hi Robert, Thanks for your answer. I don´t know if you remember me but I visited you, together with my two sons, some years ago. We were looking for parts for me Commander and for my sons weasel, and we bought some from you. We live in Norway so unfortunately it is not that easy to visit you, but thanks anyway for your offer. Best regards Göran
  6. Hi Gary Thanks for your answer and the information. If you have a chance to send me a copy of the drawing set or scan them and send them to me by email it will help me a lot. My email address is Thanks Göran
  7. Hi folks I need to find a NOS camshaft or a good one from my Commander 1932. Part# 168652, it is used on all Commanders 1930 to 1933 and President 1933. I also need a set of new camshaft bearings for the same car. I hope someone can help me with these parts. Thanks Göran
  8. Hi Tom, I will need one set for my Commander 1932 too, if you or somebody else will get in contact with L&L or someone else who can make these moldings. Let me know what happens. Göran (Norway)
  9. Hi, I am looking for parts for my Commander -32 conv : tie rods, grill, brake cables, brake drums, shock absorbers with links, the door hinges on body and two upper and one lower hinges on door, springs front and rear, seat springs, door window garnish mouldings, water pump repair kit and the top or parts for the top. I hope you have some and I will look you up at Hershey. Thanks Göran
  10. Strange that Studebaker reverted back to babbitted rods for the champion engines used in the T24, M29 and M29C Weasels (1943-1945). And then after the war started using inserts again.
  11. Hi folks Does anybody know the code for the key for a yale lock with number 537X or knows where I can find it? Thanks Göran
  12. I think that all Rockne's had the chassi number stamp on the right frame rail. As both my Skabo assembled (assembled in Norway) Rockne and a 33' frame I imported from the states has the number on the right frame rail. The numbers start with "R" by the way. Also, the number is not stamped forward of the front rear spring hanger, as I said in my last post. But rather just forward of the rear running board mount. I should have double checked before I posted the wrong information, sorry about that. Anyway I have edited my last post.
  13. Not the Rockne's, they have the serial number stamped on the right frame rail. It was stamped just in front of the rear running board mount.
  14. Hi Does anyone know the exact measurements of the snap rings, part# 172882, 175318 and 175293, used in the T81-1 transmission? T81-1 transmission was used on the Commander 1932. Please, let me know if anyone have these measurements. Thanks Göran