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  1. I just got back from an old car swap meet. I've attended this meet for years and remember when brass era and stuff from the 20s and 30s was popular. This year in watching what people were buying and talking to vendors it seems like there wasn't much interest in stuff prior to the 60s. Most people interested in early cars and parts are gray beards like myself and our numbers are deminishing. What is going to happen with the older cars when that generation is gone?
  2. This is a classic example of someone's experience and their willingness to share it helping someone with a frustrating situation. I applaud you rick60 and thank you for sharing your experience.
  3. I agree with starfireelvis that the late 50s and early 60s were great times. I was growing up then and everyone was full of hope and excitement. Then came the Southeast Asian Conflict.
  4. Another factor that enters in is time. I have had some projects where I spent years finding all the correct parts. If a person wants to get it up and running,do the best you can with what you have and keep looking for the original parts and add them when you are able to locate them. This allows a person to drive and enjoy the vehicle with the ultimate goal of an accurate restoration.
  5. I have a set of fenders and running boards that I have been trying to identify. I found photos of 22 and 25 Dodge touring cars that appear to be the fenders I have. My question is,did Dodge use the same or very similiar fenders on different years and models? Thank You.
  6. The hobby needs not only "new blood" but young blood if the hobby is to perpetuate. Most young blood cannot afford the inflated prices brought about by these side shows. They have house payments and kids to raise.
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    In MN a friend of mine bought a 29 AA truck that had been laying in the woods for years. His intention was to restore it so he applied for a title for it. The person at the DMV told him that because it was a truck,it would have to pass a DOT inspection before they could issue a title.
  8. I live in MN where the temp can range from -20 to +90. I am considering building a building to store several vehicles. I know that climate controled is the best option but since the budget will not allow that, I'm wondering what style of building and types of materials will work best to minimize moisture problems. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks
  9. I am sorry my question caused so much controversy. The thought of that happening never entered my mind,despite what some may believe. I simply had a question and did not know where or how to access the information so this seemed to be the appropriate place to ask.
  10. I need to replace the side cowl panels on my 29 coupe because of rust in the lower area. I was wondering about the fit and appearance of the reproduction panels that are available. Also what is the best method of separating the front edge from the firewall flange and removing rivets in other areas? Thanks
  11. Does anyone have experience replacing the side cowl panels on a 28-29 Model A Ford? Any tips to make the job go smoothly would be appreciated,like the best way to remove rivets and separate the front edge. Also regarding the reproduction panels that are available, do they fit and look right? Thanks
  12. First I would like to say that I really appreciate this site and the people that post here. I have gone to some sites where it seems that if you're not part of the "In Crowd", you are ignored. Now for my question. According to aaca guidelines, what vehicles are considered antique? Thank You