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  1. Hi, how much do you want for a ginger driver seat?
  2. Hi, How much do you want for the drivers seat? Thanks.
  3. Hey Guy, I read an interesting post a while back about a guy whose phone rang while he was working on seperating the panes of glass on his porthole. Well he laid his round worklight down on the glass and went and answered the phone. When he came back, the worklight heated the film, and the two panes of glass twisted apart. He also said that that gold Maserati emblem wasn't damaged at all..... I suppose this could probably be done with the window still installed in the roof since the outer pane isn't attached to the roof itself too.....
  4. I'll take the chrome bumper top trims and the chrome passenger door top trim, mine were all smashed by golfball sized hail stones
  5. Hi Alan, Thanks for the info, I was just wondering what hop-ups were done to the Shelby engine and what parts are interchangeable, since Shelby said that it was a "Shelby" engine back then. To answer your question about my CSX-Thrifty, I bought it for real cheap because it needs an engine rebuild. The nice part is that it's 99% complete and original, only missing the a/c compressor, Shelby (one year only) wheels, and the dash number plate. It's going to roll into my collection and sit until I find a one million dollar bill on the ground to restore them all. Or they all might go to my kids when i die so they can fight over them and bring each other to court for the small amount of money that they're worth...
  6. Hi Everybody, I just bought a 1988 Dodge Shelby CSX-T yesterday. It has a Chrysler turbo, non-intercooled 4 cyl. So my question is: Does anyone know if this is the same engine (minus the intercooler and Shelby valve cover) that is in my '89 4cyl TC? :confused:
  7. Hi everybody, Does anyone know when the timing belt should be replaced as a regular maintenance item? I have an '89 4 cyl auto trans. And Louz (the seat restoration guru), I'm still working on getting pictures of my beat up seats to you so you can tell me how to go about restoring them; they're not the worst i've seen, but not too good either, maybe a 4 out of 10...
  8. So I'm guessing that the seats that would match the TC best would be the 84-86, because if i remember, all the shelby's had the CS logo in the top of the seat..
  9. Lou- Thanks for the info, do you know what years those Recaros were in the Daytonas? Did they make them in ginger? I'm going to see if I can find a few photos of them on the internet. To tell the truth, I really like the look of the TC seats because they are VERY similar to the seats in the Maserati Biturbo I used to have when I was 24. 89tc-16v- I just noticed you have a 91 Syclone- awesome truck, do you have any pictures/info of it up on any Syclone websites? I'd like to check it out. I remember when they first came out, all the rich teenagers in Long Island New York had them and used to beat the crap out of them. Are they faster than the Typhoon? By the way, how bad are your old seats? Put me on the top of your list if you want to sell them.
  10. Hi, I'll take the driver seat and armrest is you don't need them. On second thought, I'll even take your old driver seat and armrest that you're replacing, they're most likely in better condition than mine!!!!!!!!!
  11. ok, thanks for replying, i'll get some photos taken asap..
  12. Hi, Sounds like alot of work that could be messed up if not done correctly. If I send you my 1989 ginger seats and center armrest, can you rejuvinate them? The passenger seat is in nice condition (it is dried out though) and doesn't need much, and the drivers seat and armrest are more discolored than worn. There is a hole in the backrest though that needs to be patched....
  13. Great, thanks for the info, I'll give it a look!
  14. Cool car, you should keep that in the fam.
  15. Wow, Granny must have been rich to afford a shiny new car like that back then!!!
  16. My 1989 drivers seat is all shredded up, does anyone have a decent used one (non-show quality is ok, normal wear is ok), or maybe know of a company that can replace parts of it so it won't look so shredded???? Thanks. -Mike ( onvacation66@hotmail.com ).
  17. Hi Everybody, newbie here, My girlfriend and I just bought a 1989 TC red/ginger 2.2 TII auto trans, last weekend. For a LONG biography of it, you can find out more in my album. Anyway, I had one important question that I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere: Do the turbo and intercooler need regular maintanance? If not, what components of them can I replace (without having to do major work) to insure reliable service from them? Thanks.
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