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  1. Hello, Looking into purchasing a Model 70 that has these two switches missing. Where would one go about finding these parts and the 'behind the dash' hardware and how it is supposed to hook up? Below is a picture of the exact dash with all switches. The car I am looking at is missing four instruments: far left and far right ovals (Ignition/light switch and Choke) and right and left ovals inside (which I believe to be the speedometer and clock). Please correct me if I am wrong since I have never really seen this dash set up before. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. I just read an article in Hemmings about a gentleman that did a really nice electric conversion on a Model T coupe. Here is the link: Hemmings Motor News: From T to EV Does anyone know him or have a way to contact him? I really like the way he set it up even changing the front of the car to resemble the look of the electrics of the period. I would like to get information on this conversion to do the same on a Model T. I just can't afford to pay the prices that the original electrics are fetching now-a-days so I figure this to be the next best thing! That and you can hit 40mph! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Robert