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  1. I used a "kit" mentioned in one of our Forums...from an Olds "expert." Let me tell you....that Kit and instructions are garbage. We ended up building our own disc conversion. Be careful if you plan the conversion.
  2. New Port Engineering - Home of the Clean Wipe Wiper-Drive
  3. What I did on my 58. Throw that 58 oil pump out! It is trash. Get a later model...like a 59. I tried to use a stainless vacuum pump from the "best" maker. It also rests beside the 58 oil pump in the junk pile. Way to noisy...it even blanked out the motor noise. I finally tapped the intake to get great vacuum pressure to run my Newport wiper system. No problem with the new power brakes either.
  4. Not embarrassed. Just keeps the creeps away and only those who are genuinely interested will call. I'd like 45.000 and will take some trades.
  5. I found and bought the best 4 door Super I could get in order to have my favorite BIG Buick to use with my old Airstream. It is done now and I find I really need a truck/Suburban type. Buick has essentially no rust.....only a bit along the inside trunk lid. I tried to keep the original paint...including a few beauty marks. All the chrome redone. All new interior.....including dash pad. Motor completely gone thru, The Flight Pitch rebuilt by the best. perfect glass. New tires. all new air conditioning, works great even here in Texas. Transmission cooler. Alternator. Electric wipers by N
  6. 58 Buick Super or Roadmaster bumper extension (s) I bought one for the front right side and it is for the small 58 series. If you need it let me know. I really need a right one to finish up my car.
  7. Hi, I drove it into the shed roof area where it is parked. It had been running great. The batteries are not dead...I am confident that with new batteries it will run/drive perfectly. I just do not need the car. Robin C
  8. Your going to like this.... 1958 Buick Electric Wiper Conversion
  9. Hi Jerry, Yes, I got the system right away. It installed with no problem. I got the pump from them too...just to speed things up. It mounted nicely under the washer bottle mount. Everything fit perfectly. Have not really road tested it yet.
  10. Can anyone give me some leads on converting to electric wipers in the 1958 Buick. I have changed over to a 59 oil pump....a better pump....and sacrificed the vacuum pump doing so. I'd like a good electric conversion for this driver car.
  11. Thanks KAYCE, My thoughts too. The only difference I have picked up so far is that my axle assembly has finned alum. hubs. The donner car did not. Robin C
  12. OK....here is one you don't hear every day. As we were cleaning up my 58 Buick Super, we found the panhard bar...a rear stabilizer bar connecting the rear end axle to the chassis....was broken in half and had been repaired with an angle iron segment bolted along its length. I found a replacement bar at CTC AutoRanch here in north Texas. It came off of a 1958 Super...I saw it pulled...we cleaned, painted and replaced the rubber bushings. Then, when we went to install it...it was 2 inches to short. No amount of wishing and coaxing would make it come close to fitting. We have made a new ba
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