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  1. I did nearly the same thing, bought an '85 Coupe Quattro with 35,000 miles in 1988 for $3,400. It got me started on Audis and I still drive one today.
  2. The Dodge photo is from Australia. I don't know the year. I don't know the year of the VW or the Mini either, but the Pontiac is a '58.
  3. I'm with Paul. This sharknose Graham is my favorite.
  4. Most of my favorites are modified, but I love the looks of these. There are a couple of Art Deco full sized trucks too. In no particular order... 1957 Dodge Sweptside 2007 Dodge SRT10 1974 Jeep Gladiator 1939 Studebaker Express Custom 1993 GMC SS 1963 C10 Chevrolet Mild Custom 1948 Divco Milk Truck Street Rod; Stock ones are horrible, lumbering beasts to drive. 1936 Zephyr Land Yacht by Brooks Stevens; Deco 1954 Mercedes-Benz Blue Wonder; Formula 1 race car transporter. 1930's LaBatts Truck; Deco I didn't have any pictures of Chevrolet Cameos and left out the '59 El Camino and '57 Ranchero per
  5. The pictures I have are not mine, but one's I found. OK to post those? Many Thanks Jim "Life is too short to drive dull cars."
  6. This may be off a 1932 Bucciali TAV 8 32 Saoutchik French Berline. Take a look at the bird on the engine cover. Maybe, Maybe not.
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