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  1. where in Quebec are you... A fellow in Ottawa has some pieces, and vends at local shows including Kingston. Many more Canadians here as well Welcom
  2. As well as the issue of work hardening there is also the compatibility of gasoline with copper. The steel tubing is not that hard to bend. Great progress thanks for sharing!! Henry
  3. To find an out of print book.. try abe books,or amazon. Supply the ISBN number, or Author Title and publisher if possible. Henry
  4. Hello Read this post a while ago and thought I should reply. I am Henry Eggengoor. Live in Orillia Ontario Canada. I have a 1917 McLaughlin light six, and a 1972 Buick Skylark custom convertible. I have been in the old car hobby for 45 years, starting with a 1942 Ford pick up dad bought me when I was sixteen. Still have that truck in a barn, will be restoring it soon. I remember Dad's 55 special and a series of 53 and 54 parts cars. Have had several Buicks over the years. Worked as a civiliam mechanic at the Army Base Near Barrie Borden, for 25 years. Also worked a stint at a restoration shop
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