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  1. I have the same engine in my 1917 McLaughlin (canadian Buick). I use 15 /40 diesel engine oil, and modern anti freeze. the heavier Lucas oil is likely fine for the oilers. I put larger capacity oil cups on mine! Regular unleaded gas has been working fine for me for 20 years Henry
  2. where in Quebec are you... A fellow in Ottawa has some pieces, and vends at local shows including Kingston. Many more Canadians here as well Welcom
  3. Otaco made pressed steel trucks in Orillia There will likely be some on display Aug 18 when Orillia has their car show, and the historic society present an orillia heritage theme
  4. There seems to be a lot of interest in this vehicle !! Are you taking bid's? Is it still available? could you send some photo's to oldcarsforever@yahoo.ca. I am a member od the McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada as well as th BCA. I have met Jou at some of the Canadian meets. Thanks Henry
  5. That should be 32x 4 " tires. caps lock was on ... sorry bout that
  6. Forgot to mention.... Mine is model E sixty three.... 1917 Henry
  7. I have the same car in Ontario. Originated in Saskatchewan. Also has Oakland oil Gauge, But I have a steel Dash panel. #2 by 4 inch tires. Oakland repair manual necessary for repairs Henry Eggengoor MBCCA Member
  8. As well as the issue of work hardening there is also the compatibility of gasoline with copper. The steel tubing is not that hard to bend. Great progress thanks for sharing!! Henry
  9. To find an out of print book.. try abe books,or amazon. Supply the ISBN number, or Author Title and publisher if possible. Henry
  10. Hemming Classic Car #75 Dec 2010 has an article on rebuilding" A" post and lower windshield frame with sheet metal. They clean everything good an weld in short pieces to prevent warping. That should give you some motivation. If you don't have a mig welder, even if you prepped everything first, a body shop sold be able to do it for a reasonable charge. Henry
  11. I to wanted to build a larger shop than was allowed. One neighbour did attend the hearing for variance. We live in a small town that has seasonal homes.This couple were seasonal. At the council meeting I argued that having old cars as a hobby required more storage space. Council countered that it would be possible for me o carry out commercial repairs. I commented tat that wold be up to the by law officers to keep on top of. A council member also happened to bea car dealer. Then I argued that when the town asks "come on fellows bring out your old cars for a parade" I asked "were do you thin
  12. I have heard it said that welding cable should not be used for starter wiring I believe to do with the fine strands. I would recommend the farm tractor dealers. Also the lugs if you want them are available at most supply houses. Henry
  13. The top end McLaughlins were very different from the common ones. The lower ones were built on Chevrolet frames. Much like the Canadian Pontiacs. The early Mclaughlns were certainly of a higher Quality. Henry
  14. There is a specialty hose cutter with a pointed blade that by passes the anvil. Check the industrial supply houses.
  15. I require two for my McLaughlin car headlights. Can you e-mail me at oldcarsforever@yahoo.ca. I am in Laughlin Nevada for six weeks . Thanks Henry
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