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  1. That's for a chevy Deb. I need 4 for a mid 60's Olds. I'll try and get a picture for you.
  2. Hi Debby.I bought some dog dish hubcaps from you last year and they were beautiful. I'm now looking for dog dish hubcaps for a 66,67 442, or any small dog dish cap from those years. I'll try and get a picture of them. Thanks in advance for looking. They are approx 10 1/2 inches across in the back.
  3. Hi Debby. I'm looking for a set of dog dish hubcaps for a 66,67 Olds 442. They would fit the 14" steel wheel. I bought some for a chevy quite awhile ago and were very pleased with them. I believe they are 10 1/2" across in the back. Thanks..
  4. Ha!! Both my sister and myself learned to drive and took our drivers test in a 1964 British racing green 4-door corvair, auto, tan interior. Nice little car.
  5. My buddy's 1968 427 corvette, tri-power, 4-speed. Brans new car, yellow, white convertible top, chrome side pipes. Also the fastest car I've ever been in.... He still has it!
  6. Just saying there might be an owner somewhere, but it doesn't sound like they are interested in her at all, if they are still kickin'.I've seen people get their butts kicked because they were taking parts off of "abandoned cars. But then again, I've had people say, "help yourself". You just have to be mindful of what you do..
  7. My 38 willys gasser, my 2 1967 GTO's, my 69 corvette, all of my Nova's, my 69 442, and my 1971 Chevelle.Not to mention my 34 Ford, 40 Ford, and my 41 Ford. Alas, my 40 Olds, 49 Plymouth, and my 57 bel Air...
  8. I have the same type of film strips, though they are about 41 Dodges. I gave away 1 strip to a fellow car lover who just happened to have a beautiful 41 Dodge coupe. I knew he would appreciate it.
  9. You can get my 40 olds for alot less than that...
  10. As I stated, I have headers on my 69 Nova, BUT... I also have a set of stock cast iron manifolds in the basement, just in case.....
  11. Headers are fine in most cars. I have headers on my 69 Nova with no problems, other than excess heat in the engine compartment.As for noise, no concerns there. You might get a starter heat-soak problem with headers,though. If you do decide to go with headers, get a GOOD exhaust gasket for them. I do not recommend the cheap, white gasket from Mr. Gasket. They'll burn through in a short matter of time.
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