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  1. Sorry for the very late reply I've been really busy with work since summer started. I am putting it to the best work possible until I have some money. I have everything I will most likely need marked and have a list as well just incase. I will be replacing both fenders because the reason the doors open into them is because the bottoms of each are rusted away so they stick out and its a difficult fix. And I will probably be replacing the cab depending how difficult it will be to fix the hang-over... which may not be that hard so long as I can bend the metal correctly. -Adam
  2. I suppose it's those small tasks that make you want to do more?
  3. Well, I posted this in the Big Bolts section of Stovebolt, so far I've gotten one response. I'll post a link and quote what he said. 1958 Chevrolet Viking 60 Series. - The Stovebolt Forums So.... It's a 59. Boy do I feel stupid haha.
  4. Just sending this up for those who were interested in this Chieftain.
  5. If you think that, then you should see my Thread in Restorations. Right now, they're practically twins.:eek:
  6. I guess I wasn't the only one with this particular model truck that had brake problems? After looking a bit. Re: 1958 Chevrolet Viking C60 And by the looks of it, this guy did a great job, whoever he may be! Even though his is a 40 series rather than 60 series. Brian Egan's 1958 Chevy Viking 4100 with a 1956 Manley Wrecker -- To the frame old truck restoration I'm rather jealous haha. Especially since I don't have the equipment to completely dismantle this thing down to the chassis.
  7. Well I'm sure my dad can show me about generator because I know next to nothing about them compared to alternators. I guess the generator would work because I don't really plan on setting in idle unless it hadn't been started in a while to let it warm up, and I don't want the battery to blow up on me. I just don,t want to spend the money on a generator thats not going to last a while. I want to try operating the winch since my grandpa said it's probably the only thing that works on that truck. I need to get a generator first thing then a battery for precautions. Well I'll see this weekend hopefully if I don't go to a dairy show in Merced I'll get the fenders off if I still have time.. otherwise everythings going to wait for another week or two. I mostly just need the money to get what I need right now. It'll all be done in good time, hopefully.
  8. Oh, you're talking about in general and our vehicles. I try to never get my blood pressure up for anything, especially with cars and trucks. Anything can be "perfect" in one way or another, but for me, trying to make something that I'm not going to be able to do just makes me lose my patience, and as soon as my blood starts boiling I have to go. Sounds stupid for a 14 year old but it happens a little to often for my liking. I personally like to do everything at once because just from experience I get overwhelmed when I don't do everything there is to do with one thing before I go onto the next I forget where I started.
  9. Would it even be worth it to buy a generator, or should I just make new brakets and buy an alternator for it? Because just from what I've heard, the generators overcharge the battery and then they just barely put out so I don't want to waste the $50+ on the generator if it's not going to last. Oh, and the deal on top of the dash is like a parking break for when operating the winch. Well, the brakes never worked so I guess it WOULD be for that. The little throttle-type deal by the steering wheel is for the winch also, it's just to make it roll up or unwind faster, sort of like putting a forklift in neutral and accelerating.
  10. For me, antique would be anything before the 1930's. 1940's thru about 1970's depending on the make and model are collectibles and anything else is old/junk.
  11. Uhmm, I can take a look tomorrow for you, I have the same year and model Buick. It's a bit dark right now so hopefully tomorrow if I get home early enough I'll take a look for you.
  12. It depends on how important the project is. I say, if you have the time and the supplies, why not make it exactly how it came out of the factory? If you're going to do something, do it right so it's not something to worry about later. I mean, of course in some cases you don't have everything you need, or can find everything you need, so you work around it. But if you have what you're looking for, why not? If he wants to be a perfectionist, and has the money to do so, why not let him? Not to argue with you, of course, but I say if he wants to do it, let him. From how the car looks, since it needs everything and then some, why not give it EVERYTHING? Including those two little screws you'll never see. In my opinion, if I can, I will do everything it takes. Of course there are plenty who disagree, but that's just my thought.
  13. Uhmm service engine lights come on a lot, so much that people totally ignore them with a piece of duct tape.... Uhmm he may have altered with the wires when installing the headlights but I honestly couldn't tell you. ... I havn't had time to work yet, just got home last night from Easter with family, and all today I was doing FFA stuff and tomorrow we're gong to the foothills.... I really hope Thursday or Friday for sure I'll be working, I need to weld teeth back on the right hood hinge which is put off until we have more Co2 for the MIG welder.
  14. Haha I wish I got it opened. I tried wiggling it, wouldn't budge. I guess I'll HAVE to call a locksmith... :[ .. and I wish there was a treasure under there, from what I remember it's a spare tire and enough rust to... well, it's all rusted. That's it.
  15. In my opinion, it depends on how much money you have and your own personal taste; as well as availability. One thing for me, the truck I am currently restoring will be hard for me to find a whole cab, doors, etc.. and I like keeping things original so I'd really prefer welding plugs, because once its painted nobody will ever know. It's understandable that if you can keep EVERYTHING like original chrome, original lights, all that; well you're one of the lucky ones. When with a case like mine, i need to find and make everything I'm missing. I guess it just comes down to is you making the best out of what you have.
  16. I think I'll go try that right now, actually.
  17. Well I asked my dad about the truck--just out of curiousity. He said it's a split transmission so, I'm not sure which one, of the levers is the high-low and kicks it from 1-4 to 4-8. I thought that was interesting. I have more pictures! I'm waiting for them to upload, I'll use the above post and this one to put 'em all in here.
  18. Thank you for the links, John. When I know exactly what I need I'll be sure to check them out. As long as the parts would be the same for any other Chevrolet truck of the same year, I think I'll be able to find everything I need. I'm going to look around our auto shops, as soon as I have a way to get there being I can't drive. A family friend owns an auto body shop so I think he can be a good help. I didn't do anything today, it's even windier than yesterday. I did go out there, and sorry I didn't take any pictures of inside the cab. A lot of the wires aren't connected, an example would be for the low-lights. The wire feeding down to the light is just hanging there.... and for the horn, I didn't see it connected to the cab. I'll take pictures hopefully tomorrow or if not for sure during Spring Break, it's supposed to be raining and windy tomorrow and Thursday so I'm not in much a suitable environment to work during this weather. There's one bolt that I cannot get out. A piece of the fender is like peeling so I couldn't get the ratchet around it, and when I tried with a crescent wrench it bent the wrench.... and I like soaked the thing in ChemTool. I think I'll just try smashing the peeling part in just so I can get the ratchet head around it. If neither works I'll have to like cut it out I guess, which I really wouldn't want to do. Again, I promise I'll take pictures soon. Also, again for the parts, we have an antique automobile shop too. The typically work on older cars and trucks so maybe I can go there to ask for parts... Again, there are a lot of places where I can also just salvage through trucks for what I need. To be honest I'm not quite sure where the generator connects to. From the picture on the E-Bay auction, I didn't see any wires or slots... hmm. But I did see where it bolts onto the bracket in the engine bay. Now as I keep going, I realize taking anything off is a bad idea... I should just focus on all engine stuff, know what electrical wires will need to be replaced or added, then I can take off the fenders and doors so I can get the wires ran through and what-not. Thanks for all the help again.
  19. Well, I can't really afford paint like that. I'll order a parts manual today. For the generator, you think I can find it anywhere? I didn't know it was one of the everyday parts.
  20. Nice job with the carb.! Looks like you're getting along fine. Keep it up!
  21. Yeah that's what I was doing yesterday I was standing on the chassis and sitting on the top of the fender. :] Lots of workspace. I NEED OPINIONS! For repairing rust holes, should I go with the puddy-type stuff, or should I get a sheet of metal and cut into it as I need? The one part I know for sure the puddy won't fix is the hangover piece on the top of the cab. Although then, I need to get a micrometer or whatsitcalled to check the metal gage, and then order probably a 10x10 sheet, but I'm still not so sure how much the puddy costs. Any tips on what I should do? .. I didn't do anything today, too windy weather. EDIT: Also, should I just order the Generator? Or should I get a manual first?
  22. Yeah but a lot of the extra stuff has got to be connected to the boom somehow. I'll take pictures later, but it's hard to know because the gauges are dirty and rusted. Oh, and how do I check the metal gage? Because in order to fix the rusted holes I need sheet metal with the right gage.
  23. I'll be sure to order one soon. Thanks for the help.
  24. The mounts still there, I believe, if that's what it's for. It fits onto the right side of the engine, probably about mid-height of the fan. As soon as some of these pictures upload I'll show you. A couple that I took today are attatched here. On the first picture of the engine, on the bottom somehwat right is a bracket that I'm assuming the generator would attatch to. To be honest I don't know much about this thing, today is kind of a first look under the hood. I'll take more tomorrow.
  25. That looks like an interesting project! From what I saw under the hood, it looks pretty clean. Good luck on the interior work though, that looks like a challenge!