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  1. Brian, Yes that is the place. Mr Bates is closing the doors. He told me when I made the deals on the 42 and the 71 TA thats he was closing the doors. He thinks they will start crushing in three months. Mike
  2. Mr. Phillips Thanks for the Information. Mike
  3. Tom, I sure will. Maybe I will ride up there and snap a photo of the number plate before I pick the car up. It is an hour and half away from where I live in Suffolk Virginia. Thanks again. Mike
  4. Tom, The car is not yet on my property, so the number plate is not readily available. I forgot to write that information down when I purchased the car. It was one of four that I purchased that day. I was trying to get all the paperwork done from my purchases which included a 41 Chevrolet Coupe, 64 Rennault and 1971 firebird. I will pick up the car in two weeks when I can get my hands on a trailer. At best guess what is your opinion. Thanks for your time. Mike
  5. Hello, I just picked this car up and want to properly identify the type prior to my starting of the restoration process. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I purchased this car because the owner is retiring. A majority of the classics at Phil Bates Auto salvage are going to be crushed in a month or two, three months at the very latest. I have an idea what this body style is but I just want to make a positive id.
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