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  1. i have a 63 american 440... and i've been wanting to do some restoration to it but i can't figure out how to get the horn assembly off... is it really as hard as it seems or am i just being blind to the obvious?
  2. wow thanks alot ya'll!! that rockauto was a winner even though i might not order everything through them they still give me part numbers for everything!
  3. I just came into possesion of a 63 american 440 rambler. I'm have the hardest time trying to find a tranny filter as well as a slew of other normally replaced parts (i.e. oil filter, air filter, air filter housing) is there anywhere i can look for these things without having to pay ridiculous amounts of money ( ifound a site that had a replacement driver side mirror and wanted 90 bucks!).. Also I can't seem to find a service manual anywhere for it either.....so any help or tips on working on this car would be great!
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