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  1. thanx, If you happen to know who Bob Coker is he'll let you know what I'm capable of......done several things for him
  2. what do you mean by 80% there....are there sections of it completely gone due to corrosion? or is about 20% of them just damaged? If the material is completely gone then no I can't.
  3. Do you have damaged ones that I can restore for you....I do all classic auto trim and those too
  4. I can fix the bad one on the floor there........thanx for pic.......just let me if you'd like me to do that for ya.
  5. Shoot me a closeup pic of the other side, I may have one. I fix trim if you have a damaged one.
  6. I have some extra rocker trim of various kinds but are unsure what they belong to........can you post pick of what you need. I know of a 49 Chrysler Windsor Limo with complete trim on it, is it the same? Also if you still have any damaged onesI can fix and polish for ya I can do that too......it's what I do professionally.
  7. i have a friend selling a 56 drht special if you're interested.
  8. Find any set you can, banged up or not and I'll repair and polish them for ya
  9. Wish I had that Zim in the background
  10. Sorry for not get'n back very soon.....I'll check on'm then
  11. Are you missing all the side trim? If ya have some ugly pieces I can make'm beautiful again if need be. Or if it's hard to find pieces you need just get what's available and I'll fix anything you can get your hands on.
  12. Where ya located, and what vintage ya lookin' for?
  13. It's nice when things go well you're welcome
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