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  1. car has not been started in years. starter internals are very sloppy. major parts are there and not broken. does not engage. is apart now. any suggestions for substitute or replacement starter
  2. 28vic

    carter carb bb-1

    Thanks for the replies. I was thrilled to see the carb on the hupmobile. I hope to post a pic of my resurected barn find within a few weeks in running condition. From one enthusiastic old car fan to you who take time to help...keep em running.
  3. 28vic

    carter carb bb-1

    I was checking for original application for this carb. I hope it is appropriate for this car. I would have liked original type replacement but costs have steered me this direction.Thanks
  4. I have purchased a carter bb-1 carb for 28 dodge six cyl. It is model 517s. I am hoping to identify the application for this carb hoping to be a good fit for this car. Below model # on tag is f6 with an 8, next square has a stamped out backward L,next square has a stamped out v. carb looks to be in rebuilt or nos condition. I have made an adaptor for intake. carb sits lower and back 1 inch to facilitate perpendicular flange bolt and to clear rear of generator. Thanks, ahead of time for any help.
  5. 28vic

    28 carburetor

    thanks for the help! I will go looking
  6. 28vic

    28 carburetor

    I have a 28 victory six with a stromberg carb with failing metal. I have read on other post that a detroit lubricator brass carb would be a good replacement as it was also used on this car. Question... which model no. and is this carb also called the stewart carb? Any other suggestions and would be interested any unoriginal carb to at least get this running. Would like to restore to original.
  7. Attached is the photo of the radiator ornament.
  8. i have a winged radiator cap with db on top in a circle and a bird head that latches the top. the cap screws on the radiator. any help identifying this? i have a 28 victory six that has not seen the road in many years. it was pulled home about 30 years ago when it just stopped... fuel i think. t..his is a vg 2 dr car with minor rust in doors only i have a 291 to hotrod the but am just too fascinated with it to change it. any thoughts?.
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