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  1. And please tell us the wheelbase of the dog !
  2. Hello Stutz-men ! , in this time y restore in France one 29 Stutz Blackhawk Limousine Weymann"Shantilly". He come from Pensylvania last 3 years ago.He is totaly in original form with very old Weymann. Someone know something about that. The car stay since longtime at the same place.In fact since 1953. Because y have the little paper "Pensylvania department of revenue" inspected and approved 1953 on the windscreen.
  3. zantafio

    Stutz Parts

    Bonsoir, Paul please answer us.....
  4. Y have in this time a Blackhawk in restauration and certainly y run all the days!! When she is finish in 2011.
  5. zantafio

    Stutz hubcap ID?

    Thank you, but sorry y have a 1929 model and he is not the same.
  6. zantafio

    stutz emblem

    ...Nice is not it?. Y need the same badge, or other model one if you me please. Y can also make an exchange with europeen badges
  7. zantafio

    Stutz hubcap ID?

    Bonjour, explain a little more,what do you want ?.
  8. Y think the price for the grey body is a good value! The car seem in runing condition and he is not necessary to fit 100 kf dollar for restauration. The original condition for use is also a desirable choose is not it?.
  9. zantafio

    Stutz Parts

    Hello Paul, y need for a six cylinder one Zenith carb. 105DC type,naturelly updraft. Have you or do you known one?.
  10. Hello Yvan, if y have understand you ,you have several 105DC rebuilt,new,and you can sale one or two for me?. But for finish your work,you have need one flotting unit. Right?. Explain me with simples words because my American langage is poor.... Gerard
  11. Hello, and for me do you can help me? Y need one Zenith carburator 105 DC type. So with double corps ,and 1929 updraft. Fited on Stutz six cyl. Because ,naturelly alloy is distroy .
  12. Hello Robert, Egallo dont sale the parts at unity.He want to sale all the lot.:cool:
  13. Hello! Who know how mutch is the compression ratio for one Blackhawk Stutz 6 cylinder ??. Four liters,double ignition.1929 And who sale the valves in new for this engine?. Thank you by advance
  14. F and J ,hello! here y have already change four exhaust seats from a 544 sport Volvo.Like that no problem with our unleaded fuel. Y hope make the same chose with my 1929 Stutz. This engine is realy remarkable.Double ignition,overhead camshaft !. In this time y have begining the cylinder head removing. This is a pleasure !....
  15. Hello! Zenith or Solex or...... Y search one carburator 1925-1932 Inlet diameter about 1p1/2 X 2