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  1. Larry J,

    Your Desoto story is very similar to mine in thst my Dad paid a 100 for a '48 and I bought it from him for 50 and he later sold it for 20 and a rice hauler used for two years in a rice hauling truck in South Texas, So funny! My wife told me to get rid of two of four cars I had, so I sold a very nice '97 Chevy Truck and kept the '73 1-ton, 72 Duster and '58 Apache truck. She was amazed! Now I have a '48 Desoto in memory of that first car and I just sold the Duster to a very good friend of mine for what I had in it and am putting the 73 up for sale to keep the coffers full for the Desoto. We have been married just over 44 years...and hope we make 45!lol Your work looks SUPER! I am impressed!

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