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  1. It is still for sale, and actually belongs to a close friend of mine named Doug Owens....just give him a call at 256-593-9502
  2. I agree, pity too, body is very solid......thanks for the input. Stan
  3. Present owner has owned this car for 12 to 15 years, partially disassembled and restoration apears to have been started. Has original V12 with overdrive transmission, car is complete with many extra pieces, it looks like someone stripped 3 other cars as there are 4 sets of grilles, headlight rings bumper ends etc, Bumpers have been rechromed and some of the other parts as well. Will take pictures this weekend and email them if requested. Asking $7500 or best offer. email me at fatnsolo@gmail.com with V12 in subject line.
  4. First a little background..........Old friend of mine bought this car on a whim....he is not a mechanic or a body man and he is also 78 years old and not in best health. Paid $6500 for it, running and drivable with later 350 Chevy and TH350 trans......has some rust in front lower quarters and a fair amount of surface rust along with rusty bumpers and grille......oh and a 60's style fake vinyl roof.......now he wants to sell out his entire collection. What can I do short of total redo to help him recoop some of his investment? and does anyone have a clue what it would be worth?
  5. 1959 Galaxie Club Sedan 2 Door, 292 w/fordomatic, some rust in lower quarter and bottom of front fender, runs but no brakes $1750 OBO
  6. 1954 Chrysler New Yorker 4 door, runs and drives, good original old car, nice interior and 331 Hemi/ automatic. $5000 OBO
  7. Year : 1959 Make : Ford Model : Galaxie Price : $5000 OBO Description : Very good shape for its age, older amature restoration, paint still looks fair, interior worn but usable, Has add on A/C but not working, 352 automatic, runs and drives very well, and has plenty of power, Radiator has also been redone. Location : Sardis City (Boaz) Alabama USA Contact Information : Stanley A. Marrett, 256-744-8855, fatmanz1955@gmail.com EBAY URL : 1959 Galaxie 4 door sedan | Sardis City | eBay Classifieds (Kijiji) | 28059570
  8. Year: 1951 Make : Cadillac Model : Series 62, Coupe Price : $7500 OBO Description: Needs some rust fixed in right front Quarter, pans good, rockers good. Has Later Chevy 350 and TH350 installed, runs and drives great. Email me for more pictures. Location : Boaz (Sardis City) Alabama Contact Information Stanley A. Marrett, Cell 256-744-8855 address is 613 Eunice Street, Albertville, Alabama 35950 EBAY Classified URL : 1951 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe Deville | Sardis City | eBay Classifieds (Kijiji) | 28059877 Email address is : Fatmanz1955@gmail.com
  9. Cannot seem to get the pics uploaded but cn send them via email........... 1951 Cadillac Coupe series 62, 350 Chevy, TH350.....some minor rust issues in front of right rear wheel, runs and drives....$7500 OBO 1959 Galaxie 4 door sedan, 352 automatic, with add on A/c.... dedent looking car ans drives great $5000 OBO' 1959 Galaxie Club Sedan, 2 Door sedan, 292 with Fordomatic, runs and takes gear but no brakes an d needs everything'.....$1750 OBO 1954 Chrysler New Yorker 4 door, 331 Hemi and automatic, runs great just needs a little TLC and a good home, nice unrestored car...$5000 OBO 1956 Des
  10. A very good friend of mine is getting on in years and has decided to sell his collection. Please email me at fatmanz1955@gmail.com for a list of cars and condition. Thanks, Stan
  11. Looks rough, but fairly solid, engine supposedly rebuilt, does run, apart but all there $1500.00. I bought it for parts but have sold mine so it has to go. send me your email address for pics. Fatman
  12. fatman

    1950 Packard

    Please excuse the terminology, it is pretty much the base model, actually the guy has two, both are the same except one has three speed with OD. Neither has the egg crate chrome, here are a couple of pictures of the Ultramatic car. I think I can get both for pretty decent price.
  13. fatman

    1950 Packard

    OK You've peaked my interest, I do remember driving my friends 41 Packard and was very impressed......... very quiet and smooth. Cannot remember the engine size, has been several years ago, but can remember plenty of power on the road. Does the Packard ride and drive that much better? Checked the car out a bit more an it is a Custom 288 CID with Ultramatic Drive. I know some simple mods can be made to help performance, and imagine better rear gears would help also? What size bolt pattern on the Packard wheels?
  14. fatman

    1950 Packard

    Anytime, I like workin on the old cars, so much more character than newer ones. Updates can always be disguised in or around original parts. Have not made my mind up on the Packard yet, but still thinking. The Chrysler has been a fun build, when I got it the running gear had already been completely redone, all I did was change over to 12 Volts and make allowances for some of the items that required only 6 volts......... just takes a little creative wiring and lucky for me I have a friend who is a genius in that area. Engine is stock except for split exhaust manifold, pertronix ignition and coi
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