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  1. Hi there Could you please send me the instructions to LeonardHolmberg@aol.com thank you LJH
  2. Hi there Car Chrysler TC 1989 Well it started about a month ago, the tach started going crazy, speedometer next, then all the gauges have now gone out. Lights on the dash still work. All gauges are pegged. Took the dash out, checked the connector, cleaned connections, no help. Maybe the dash control module? dash power module? Anyone have a working dash for a 1989 Leonard Update, replaced battery yesterday, driving in the rain storm today, car just stopped, got out tighten the battery clamps, car started again. This happen three times today. Lights still working, fan on heater working, car just stops running. It will restart fine in about 1 min. WOW she has alway been very reliable. I let this car set for two years. Should have been driving it.