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  1. Me thinks I just solved me own problem. I found what appears to be some type of insulator bakelight material somewhat pulverized in my parts tray. Where I'll get this piece I'll never know. If anyone knows where I might find such an animal please let me know. This is the trouble with multi-tasking various repairs over a six month period. The mind starts to age with the car.
  2. Hello and thanks for looking. Installed a new wiring harness in my 30 Packard 726. Was just about finished and mounted the cigar lighter and coil back on the dash. This is the piece that you also wire map light to. Well, dang near burnt the new wiring. I don't recall any sort of plastic or anything between the dash and the lighter mounting. But there has to be. This whole piece shows to be a circuit. Now mounting it is proving to be fatal. I opened the piece thinking something was shorting there. Not so. It appears to as I said a complete circuit right out to mounting. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Did you need that with or without the bail? I believe a seven series should be the same no?
  4. Todd, Thanks for the reply. This car endured some heat. Salvageable parts include the drive train, block, radiator, shell & shutters, starter, generator, disc wheels, (have not had drums off yet.) Bumpers are straight, but needing rechrome. Have LH front fender with sidemount hardware for both sides. Dash is probably salvageable. Rear fenders are nice. Door shells are good but the wood was burned. For some reason, I cannot load pictures, maybe because I'm a Jr. member. Just email me at kbarker300@earthlink.net for pictures.
  5. Parting 1930 Packard burn victim. Disk wheels, brake parts, shocks, bumpers, door shells, radiator (recently gone through). Engine, rear end. (was told had a tall gear). began pulling generator, starter, carb & manifold (no broken bolts removing manifold. . Ran before house fire rendered her a total loss. Radiator shell just began surface rusting as did the bumpers. All wood is gone. Dash is salvageable, but not pulling unless someone needs it. Car is located just north of Houston, TX.
  6. Does anyone have any ideas whether 1930 726 Standard 8 front fenders will swap out with 1931 Standard 8 826 front fenders? I notice the batterybox on the 826 is larger but wonder of this is doable? The body lines are identical. Thanks!!
  7. Helllo Jason and Welcome! What you have there is Packard Model 726 with Body Style 403. 1930 was the 7th Series for Packard. I own this model and love it. There are currently some parts on Ebay from an apparent parts donor. Suspension, wheels, gas tank & radiator. Parts you don't normally find there. You have your work cut out for you, but it looks to be a pretty clean and dry little unit. It is a 127.5" wheel base with a 318 CID engine with 90 hp. There were 15,731 produced. Drives nice at 45 mph tops. It will do 50 plus but she is really winding at that speed. There is a 3 speed trans, 4
  8. Can anyone tell me what these Klaxons are? The horn is 10 1/2 inches. Anyone know the model# They are 6V I'm sure. What years are they correct for? As always Thanks!
  9. As one if Jeff's customer's, whose Detroit Lubricator 51 is somewhere on his bench, let me clear up some mis-conceptions. The carb that Jeff built was a piece of art when it arrived. I installed it, and the car fired immediately. No adjustment was even needed. It idled beautifuly. It ran and drove like like a dream. For five months it was fine. I put less than 20 miles on it in five months. I use no electric fuel pump, instead a fully functional Stewart gravity flow tank. I used Chevron Techron 87 octane with that bloody cornyhol. 10%. I started her every week, and often went around the neigh
  10. Guys have you seen the red 27 Brougham on EBAY? Look closely at the photos. The price they are asking is $87,500. Which to me, given the #1 condition, seems like a steal. Out my league, but I'm quite impressed! Other Makes: eBay Motors (item 130416834213 end time Aug-23-10 05:06:36 PDT) Love my Packard, but my next dream car is a Stutz. One other question, was Bearkat a model? I knew the name since boyhood, I always thought it was part of the Stutz Corp. name. Thanks!
  11. Thanks West, this is a 726 model. Restorer32 of Penn-Dutch Restorations stepped up and is bending a new one for me out of stainless stock. Thanks Jeff!! I look forward to meeting you on my first ever Hershey trip this fall!
  12. Restorer 32, is this something you could do for me? Not for cheap, but for a reasonable fee?
  13. Hello Packard Pals, when adding a stone guard a wishbone bracket is added, the bale is now too short at each end. To add a 1/4 inch to extend the bale to fit the radiator neck, what is the best way to do this? Is brazing an extention acceptable. If so, can a brazed finish be chromed? Any other suggestions for how to extend this, or where another correct bale can be found, please let me know. Ole Henry Y says just weld it. Not so easy. Thanks as always! Also, if you know of a resource that can do it for me reasonably, please let me know.
  14. Can someone state the correct spark plug number for the 7 series 8? Currently has Autolite 3076 hit/miss. Is this correct?
  15. Saw this material on ebay. What is the purpose of this wrap?
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