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  1. I have been watching the AACA web forum for years without participating but I now feel compelled enough to sign up and comment on the period photo thread. This has been the biggest success story on the forum with a huge following and a lot of participation only four weeks. I am a retired marketer and to see what T-Head started and developed is extraordinary. This left me to wonder what you would take you best success story ever and change it !!!! I checked out the type of web program you are using with my wife and son who run a very good website development company and my son also has a degree in computer science. They inform me that the page after page thread is common and well liked by most web users as it is like looking thru a good magazine. Most people do this for entertainment and it is hugely popular. This leads me to wonder why the AACA would go from that to a cumbersome click as you go setup. Sure it might be searchable but this is entertainment that was extremely well done that should not be messed with. Sure maybe a few tweaks but leave well done alone. I checked with my old car friends who also love the thread to see before I wrote this if I was the only one thinking this way. They are all thinking like me. Bring it back, it was wonderful. I invite the comments of others to see what the rest of you are thinking.