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  1. Magnaflow 14385 muffler. The guy at the shop did a great job with the install. I drove it around last night. It is great sounding on the road. Not loud at cruising speed. But loud when you step on it. Infact I stopped by a buddy's home and asked him to drive it up and down the road so I could hear it go by. No complaints!!!

  2. UPON FURTHER REVIEW!! I kinda like the car. The wheels absolutely kill the look for me. Try to imagine that car with a decent set of rims. Deep gloss black. And actually bright bright work. It would be badass. The fact that it has an LS motor is cool too. If the nailhead gave up in my car. I wouldn't think twice about putting an LS with overdrive in it. Can you imagine 25+ mpg on the freeway.

  3. Distinctive Industries supplies Riv covers for OPGI. My experience with OPGI is well documented here (NOT good). I won't rant. That is a good deal on them. They are $269 on the web. Even at $149 plus shipping I'll bet you are disappointed. I can't imagine the color could be as wrong as the saddle I ordered. But they are thin and the seams tear easily.

  4. I had a clam shell hang up and smoked my headlight motor. I took it to a local auto electric shop they simply said it was junk and couldn't be fixed. I called Vogel electric (ad in the Riview). They said it shouldn't be a problem. A couple of weeks turn around time and I have a working headlight motor. I'm thrilled. I installed it today and all is well. Just wanted to let you all know these guys are are great.


  5. You might try some twist in coil spring boosters. You can gain ride height by twisting these into your springs with a ratchet. They are around $12 at the parts store. Mr. Gasket makes them. I'm sure many other companies do as well.


  6. If you want to replace the clutch they are available at your local parts store. I bought one (correct for the car) at a local Oreilly's for $32 Sept.-Oct. 2012. They may have made a mistake in billing. But I was pleased. It does sound like your fan is fine. Be careful if you replace it there are several thermal clutch fans. It may take a old wise parts man to look it up. I had a kid look up the clutch. he quoted a price of $174. I said that for the a/c clutch. It was. An older gent said "you gotta use the book kid". Showed him how and I got a deal.

  7. ^^^ Good stuff right there. I agree with Pyntre 100 %. This guy with the motors is trying to get as much as he can for them. I don't blame him. They sell for great cash. There is a hell of a demand. We all looked at the auction. Frankly I thought that first one went low. He'll get more for the rest. Jolly John sell his over priced wears all over this site. He hasn't been called out. I guess because he doesn't point you to a e-bay listing he's alright.

  8. Check my ebay listings Tuesday about 8 PM Pacific Time. A bunch more stuff will be going on then to close this Sunday with the Riviera parts I already have on eBay.

    Search my eBay user ID: chargeruss

    And here's a picture of an electric head light motor car. Father bought it from Water's Buick in San Francisco in late 1964.

    HOOK SET!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. That is an understandable arguement, but when values are higher, people tend to restore and preserve the valued cars more as well. If a car's value is too low, then nobody will care about investing in a quality restoration, and they'll just continue to rot away. I'd prefer them to maintain higher values.

    I'd prefer to drive and enjoy my cars. Over paying on a car puts a damper on that. For the most part. A guy that spends over 70k+ on a Riviera GS is going to add it to a collection. It's going to sit and rot un-driven. In time a shiny useless boat anchor. Keep your far fetched higher values.

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